Epic Series

Hi everyone!

I just want to share that I am so addicted watching:


I swear, its addicting! very interesting story and talk about nudity! goodness, I guess the newest trend in HBO series… pero kahit daming pang R18 na scenes, maloloka ka talaga sa story lalo na type ko yung mga ganyang setting, mala- Medieval times, parang ganon. I watched Game of Thrones Season 1, twice na sa kaadikan. Kakainis kasi, 2012 pa (if I’m not mistaken) ang Season 2. Boo hoo 😦 ayoko naman mag basa ng book, Seven na daw itech! yay. Mas gusto ko manuod!

Speaking of Nudity and Brutality, may isa pa:


The story is  kinda slow, siguro para humaba lang compare to Game of Thrones but if you like gladiator kind of story, this one is worth watching… OKAY much more sex here. Whatever! 😀 Natapos ko na ito and the prequel.

Now I am just waiting for the Season 2 of each addicting new epic series!

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