Husband’s 30th Birthday

Hi everyone!

Contis best sellers

Celebrating birthday with my husband for almost 14 years can be challenging, as I am in forever research of what kind of gifts to give him 🙂 from cheezy to splurging… name it! (pwera lang bahay at kotse hehe) I love surprising him with gifts  no matter what…

I grew with a family that always celebrate occasions, my grand mother always make it a point that we have cake every year. Our favorite cake is from Goldilocks, Marshmallow cake!  We are so crazy about it and even we have the largest cake, it will only last for a day 🙂 I carry that one as one of our family traditions.

Moving on, this is the first birthday I celebrate with my love as husband and wife. He just wanted to spend the whole day with me… cuddling in bed. Now, for a woman who loves to give surprises… how can I make a move with that kind of birthday celebration that he has in mind? So, as my gift to him… I bought him 2 cakes to represent his 3oth! I also planned to make delivery from my favorite spaghetti store, Ambers. The plan was to buy him a cake from Estrels, but when we were talking on the bed, he said he doesn’t like the cake from Estrels because he saw my “post it” from my vision board yay! So, to make the story short… I bought the 2 best sellers in Contis and bought grocery for his birthday food because I don’t want him to spend for his handa. We bought ingredients for spaghetti and he asked his mother to cook it for him since it is his favorite 🙂

Grilling Liempo

A night before his birthday, he also said he wants to grill liempo with me as our highlight of the day 🙂 but that day he suddenly wanted to go in Banawe and buy something for his car.. hmm for him as his birthday gift. When we got home, his mom already started the grilling, it was almost half-way when all is done. The liempo was prepared by his mom and it was truly yummy!

Annoying HBD!

Anyway, I am kinda sad that Contis doesn’t do the word art for Happy Birthday. I was so frustrated on how will I able to get an icing or a design that says “Happy Birtday”… I end up using sprinkles and made the annoying “HBD”  greeting. I never like it, but I have no choice 🙂 Ta-dah, my first birthday cake- wording (palm face)

The nick name: I love to call him Nald, Nad (which was the one that fits the cake) or our endearment “Baby” or “Labs” and when I need to be formal or angry: Ronald.

with his nieces and Mom

We celebrated his birthday with his mom, sister-in-law, nieces and with my friend amiel that I invited to take photos for the our celebration. As his only Queen in his life, his wife… I have a lot of wishes for him such his happiness and good health. I love him to bits and he is my life… I will do everything for my family.

In God’s time… someday, we will blow candles in our birthdays with our future kid/s nah 🙂 I can’t wait for that day!

I love you so much my dear husband, my sweetheart ❤


Pepsi Pinas!

As we tried to avoid “coke” sana… Pepsi naman hehe (may birthdayyyy!!!! puede!)


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