Reminder: when coughing and having sore throat.


Hi everyone!

I just want to share about this interesting fact when dealing with cough and sore throat as I have been also a victim of this so called natural treatment. I got this information from  Xeng Zulueta, one of my trusted beauty guru. According to her Pulmonary Doctor: when coughing/sore throat/sick:  STAY AWAY fr KLMNOP (kalamansi,Lemon,Mango,Nuts,Orange & Pineapple)

The fibers in KLMNOP will make any cough/sore throat and breathing problem much much much worse. Also when you’re recuperating/recovering fr being sick w a cough/sore throat/flu KLMNOP will get u sick again. – Xeng

Interesting huh? such a revelation and I am going to follow it, just take Salabat instead if you relly want to drink something aside from medicine.


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