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Last Saturday, I was invited to attend a Sparty courtesy of Diana Stalder by Dermaline which was organized by Noria Adam Lim or simply IA. I am so happy to be part of the first leg as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Dermaline with other passionate beauty maven’s like me πŸ™‚

When I signed up, I didn’t expect anything in return as I always love attending beauty-related events. All I want is to have more knowledge about beauty products, techniques and other innovations in discovering fountain of youth LOL!

I never tire knowing all about beauty stuff. It really makes me happy, like a kid in a candy shop.

photo courtesy of Amiel Christian Tira

Casmara Signature Treatment for Sparty Menu

Reception Area

Dermaline skin care products

Where the magic happens!

The Casmara Treatment

A must-try at Dermaline that offers different Casmara Masks for every skin-type. I already experienced their regular facial in Dermaline branch in Sauyo but Casmara wasn’t available during that time (2-3 years ago) It was okay, but nothing compare to the new facial treatment!

Ms. Roselle, my facial attendant ❀

Deep Cleansing

Ms. Roselle thoroughly cleanse off the make-up that I am wearing but I asked to leave my eye shadows for photo op LOL πŸ™‚ but I can say that I was quiet impressed with the procedure in deep cleansing and skin exfoliation. She’s not in a hurry like I experienced in other spa hehe, she took her time and made me feel oh-so relaxed.


I told her before hand that my pain tolerance in pricking is low so she has to understand when tears starts to roll down πŸ™‚ Amazingly, she has a magical hands! I am so into-ZZZzzz-land! Better ask Dermaline Magallanes for Ms.Roselle as your facial attendant!moving on, she has to wake me up so I can see the dirt removed from my face… dami! yuck. (Thank god, di ako kinulang sa hininga o napapasigaw! borlogs)

Casmara Re-affirming Mask 2020

I have tried a lot of different facial mask and this one is way too different. At first I am kinda scared because it needs to occupy my eyes and lips (no chikahan with my friend/ room mate, Jackie Go, who also attended the sparty)


Mask composed of diatoms, which absorb impurities, oil, and catabolic substances that result from cellular functioning.
The algae ingredient supplies very good skin hydration.

It is suitable for oily and combination skins.

I love the effect of this mask on my skin during the procedure. It’s cold, relaxing and I love the scent that once again led me to dream land.

Jackie has a “cuter” mask, its my favorite color pink!


I assumed that her treatment used “SENSITIVE MASK 2040” because there’s two “pink” mask and I don’t know which one is one, let’s ask her?! hehe. Her Casmara treatment: Absolute rt4 retinol *Wrinkle prevention* (good for dry skin)

But hey, it is much cuter but I am not recommending to you readers to look for “cuter” mask πŸ™‚ look for the one that suits your skin aight?!

Jackie and I


Light therapy that freshens and stimulates your skin to breathe. It is also good for hard-to-heal wounds and scars to prevent keloid πŸ™‚


* I love the pricking (no to murder face)

* The effect of the mask is phenomenal and my skin looks good and relaxed.

* Great to know that I can use theΒ  mask again so I take it home! Thanks πŸ™‚

* It’s so inexpensive and effective so I really encourage everyone to at least try it!

Diana Stalder by Dermaline

Unit 309 Gateway Center

Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City

Tel.: 853-3485



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