I am still half-way organizing my vanity desk until I am contented. I just need to complete all the essential organizer and ready to blog 🙂

I  store all my make-up & beauty tools  in a train case (click, click here) and in a 4-layer durabox green drawer even the one that I use for everyday but unfortunately it takes time for me to find what I really need so I bought this clear acrylic lipstick organizer in Rustan’s.

I just need one for vanity desk so I can easily pick my favorite’s for the chosen bullet for the day. I love this one because it’s a bit roomy 🙂 it can accommodate 2-3 lipstick depending on the size. If you have MAC bullets, two pieces will be fine in one square without popping out!

And for those I use occasionally or depending on my mood… stays inside the train case and durabox.

Thanks Mary for your wonderful entry! I am so inspired to finish my vanity project and buy those MAC inspired beaker 🙂

This is how I organize my everyday lippie loves in clear acrylic organizer.

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