Nicholas Sparks: The Philippine Tour

Live @ The Podium (10/28/2011)

17th Book of Nicholas Sparks: The Best of Me

Nicholas Sparks (45 y/o)

Courtesy of NBS

waiting for my number to ba called #710 after 3 hours!

Signed copy of Nicholas Sparks' The Best of Me

I have a long time relationship with books and the scent of it makes me oh-so-high. Whenever I am in a book store or in a library, the feeling is so euphoric and magical πŸ™‚ Nothing beats an old school way of reading.

As I am watching news as a nightly-habit before I sleep, I was amazed that it was Nicholas Sparks that Boy Abunda was interviewing! What I imagined him is an old man, wrinkled skin and white hair. I was surprised that he is a gym buff, 45 years old and youthful- handsome. He is a family man with 5 kids and a loving wife, which he always adores like he said in his books and live interviews. Imagine… the man who made the – Notebook. Le sigh*

I love the works of Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook and A Walk to Remember) He really makes me feel like I am in his world whenever I am reading his books. My heart sings praises in his every works like my favorite authors (Paulo Coelho, Judith McNaught, Haruki Murakami etc) His stories is just simply romantic, moving and profound.

So, I decided to go to his book launching and all I wanted is to have a picture of him with or without an opportunity of photo ops or even signature. It was all set on my mind… fortunately, God gave me more than my heart desires. I am lucky to be with a friend named, Wenchie with her daughter who is also a Nicholas Sparks’ fan. We decided to go together,Β  bought one book each and got lucky to have a signing pass through lucky draw out of 1000+ fans who are hoping to get it. Some already bought five (5) copies of book (The Best of Me Php 549.0 each) just to have a chance to get a signing pass. he signed more than 1000+ books literally and imagine how his hands felt during longs hours of signing which I believe he also enjoyed. I am #710 and waited for 3 hours for a seconds moment with him.

I really consider my self blessed in such a wonderful event. If you read his works, touched by it and even carved his wonderful quotable lines in his book in your heart or even take it as your guide in life… you’ll understand my heart desires upon meeting a genius man behind the wonderful stories of all time. I just admire his talent!

I am so thankful that National Bookstore brought him here which is the first Asian country that he had visited πŸ™‚ My 2nd time to attend book launching (first was at the Peninsula, Abueva)


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