Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Original Cover from Fully Booked (Php 399.00) free cover protection πŸ™‚

Hi everyone!

The first time I saw the movie Twilight… I know I’ll be hooked! I am a sucker for love stories and the like. I watched it all over and over because it was hypnotizing πŸ™‚ the chemistry plus the story is just too damn good in the movie so I didn’t bother to buy the book because when it comes to series in paperbacks, am not really a fan. To make the story short… I watched the following twilight saga by collecting DVD (to watch and watch it all over) then- Breaking Dawn came. As I watched the movie, all I did was giggle, laugh, tensed and the feeling of “OMG! now what?”

Since the part two will be (hopefully) launched next year… I had a sleepless night wanting to know what happened next. I lust to buy an e-book that very moment but couldn’t find a reliable source or simply a free download paradise… I woke up today and finished all my wifey duties then had an hour of rest to make sure my illness won’t attack me the moment I stepped out the house (vertigo, just happened last week/ friday)

As I braved the outside world, I am so giddy with a friend to hunt the book. I went to NBS (National Bookstore) but unfortunately they don’t have the original cover of the breaking dawn. The only available was the super big book that cost Php600.00 and the mass book (small) for Php 325.00. But as a book lover, once the story of the book hits the silver screen… I really dislike celebrity covers. It is not so- appealing from the luxurious pages of the book.

As I continue to search for braking dawn, Powerbooks (sister company of NBS) doesn’t also have the original cover. I was just losing hope… but fully booked saved the day! It might be a little expensive than NBS but heck, they provide free covering of books that you bought. Its a win-win situation! fyi, Powerbooks charges Php 30.00 for the cover of one book.

So, I bought the book and go home happy. Don’t get me wrong, I started to read on Chapter 18 already where I was so damn bitin from where the movie ended.

πŸ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn

  1. you might to go back from the beginning of the details, you might not want to miss out on some substantial/interesting details. i’m such a twi-hard! πŸ˜€

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