Wedding Anniversary

Hi everyone!

I grew up with the loving arms of my grandparents who always celebrates birthdays, holidays and anniversary. I love how my lolo daddy makes kilig my grandma every year 🙂

I am so lucky to have that kind of kilig moment with my ex-boyfriend, now husband 🙂

It is hard to think of nice memorable gifts every year when you celebrate Monsary, Anniversary and now Wedding Anniversary as first. Well, I am not hard to please 🙂 mababaw lang kaligayahan ko and I am so into- flowers.We also make it a point to have presents, wrapped beautifully with card 🙂 Magtatampo husband ko pag walang card, me too. There was a time, pa bongahan kami ng card. Bawal ang mura, so we have to keep the tag price haha! We always make our Anniversary special together with birthdays. We both love  behind-the-scenes on how we get our gifts for each other… in short…kung pa ano nag-effort 🙂 Diba its a nice thought kung paano pinili, bakit pinili at iniisip ano kaya magiging reaction.

My gift for my honey bunny 🙂


His gift for me (observe the gift wrapper: :p)




and as usual, siraan na ng diet (forever diet diaries) 🙂

Serious Chef-Wannabe 🙂


yours truly 🙂 my ice cream with rice crispies and heart candy


I really love my husband 🙂 I really love being with him. He never bores me! I’ll do anything for him… in our family. CHEEZY!

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