Goody Comb

All purpose comb with overlay and dip (Php 200++)


Hi everyone!

I love my  Acca kappa brush but I am experiencing hair fall right now again! (gosh) So, I decided to use a comb to avoid hair fall. I bought a wide-tooth comb in Goody ( a trusted brand for hair accessories) while I am doing shopping at…

Purebeauty @ Serendra


A paradise in Serendra, the only  beauty store I love to shop. Le sigh… don’t you just wish we have Sephora here? 🙂


Overall Experience:

* Less hair fall (1-2 strands minsan wala pa)

* No tangles

* Smooth and light

* Good for everyday use


6 thoughts on “Goody Comb

  1. Hi Roxy! beautiful store. My favorite brand there is MUD… the make up that was used to me on my wedding day (super long lasting) and also NYX, cheap one but good in quality 🙂

    There are a lot of brands, including local made.

    By the way, Benefit is now open in Greenbelt five with waxing service (starts from 500- 1500 tops)

  2. Wow how much is the goody comb? would like to get one as I have hair fall since giving birth..:(

  3. Hi Mariqia, first of all thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 The comb price is around Php 100+ but not more than 150. I really recommend this comb 🙂 if I have hair fall using this, just only one strand and nothing more, not even everyday. I experienced hair fall after having 3 rebonds huhu

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