WIFE: The domestic lioness

Always give the best

Hi everyone!

When you become a wife, your time and decision is not based on yours alone… not like before when we were still single and imagine  what more for other homemakers that is already a mother 🙂 That’s why I would like to share to you some of my “weapons” as a homemaker and a career woman without kids yet.

I admire all the wifey’s who can do well in all areas (mother, wife, business/career woman, me time, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law and a whole lot more) As a woman, we are expected to be multitaskers. Truth to be told, sometimes we forget ourselves- which is a no-no.

I am so into woman empowerment and hail to Beyonce Knowles for  always making strong statements in her songs and videos as well. Remember “Who run the world- G I R L S” yeah, I like the song and it is on my ipod playlist.

In this song, DANCE FOR YOU… it shows some appreciation for his man to all the wonderful things he has done for her. Sometimes, actions speaks louder than words! 🙂 Will I dance for my man? YES!

There are  3 (three) things why I am a beauty addict:

1. It makes me happy to take care of myself inside/out.

2. To inspire the ladies who sometimes forget themselves.

3. To be always look good for my man.

We don’t have a helper, I do all things for my husband personally and I am good with it combined with practice, trial and errors plus advice from my grandma and aunts.

I do our laundry, cooking, cleaning, sewing- everything and I need to get ready for office by 6:30 a.m. How I do it? (have a clear and peaceful mind haha) I wake up earlier to cook  brekky for him and will leave a cooked food or easy to prepare lunch. I’m home by 6 p.m. and sometimes I still manage to go to market and buy fresh ingredients for our dinner.

We do our grocery every week and I am learning to cook a lot of different recipes but when we are both in a rush, I must admit preserved foods and having dinner together in a restaurant is our last option. When it comes to laundry, during week ends I make sure everything is well done and thank you for laundry nets because it makes our undergarments intact (no to bacon undies!) I also try to do the laundry after office hours in every 2-3 days so it will not pile up. I am a sucker for econo pack laundry powder and it saves a lot!

When it comes to cleaning, during week days… I clean every night after serving dinner and checking a lot of things. Because I don’t want to disturb my sleeping husband during the wee hours 🙂 Then its like spring cleaning during weekends. As a wife with no helper and a husband who is always busy in business? I don’t know how I do it 🙂 That’s why I love Wonderwoman haha.

I also make sure that our nails are both clean and thank God, there’s a nearby beauty salon in our place which only takes 5 minutes away from our home. It’s part of my role to check  it 🙂 because what our partners looks and all- reflects on us.

As a wife, aside from being all around in the house and everything- just always remember how our partners fell in love with us. Di lang sa kabaitan natin, sweetness and all. Aminin, para rin tayong trophy sa buhay nila. Sa dami ng ginagawa natin, damay mo pa ang drama sa buhay, one of our responsibility as a wife is to look good, smell fresh and make our husband want us more. Lalo na ngayon, 24/7 na magkasam.. challenging ang mystery 🙂

I love when my husband wants to hug and kiss me every night and day so I make sure bukod sa pagiging all around sa bahay, all around din dapat sa bedroom LOL totoo naman e. I have a lot of lingerie and skincare products to make sure its smooth and silky even my hair strands. I always make sure I look great before I go to sleep, kaya kahit bagong gising cute pa din. I even have mint candies beside my bed 🙂 I am so ready, much more ready than a girl scout is.

I also give time going to waxing salon and to exercise no matter what and I have a goal to be more healthier but being fat is not an excuse not to look and feel great about yourself.

Moving on, even at home I make sure my “pambahay” is cute. I always make sure I look good and sweet to my husband 🙂 marami pa akong gustong i-share as a wife but I think this is becoming a novel.

Part of being a good wife is that, I always make sure I have time for everyone too. They make me feel refreshed like girl bonding with friends and my family. I make sure that my world is bigger and less negative vibes! Di maiiwasan yun pero, hangat maari, cut the bad vibes.

Also, aside from the insane time management- don’t forget to pray. It helps to have a relationship with God 🙂

’till next time!


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