Mantra Bracelet

I am blessed

Hi everyone!

Bought this at The Bead Shop (SM North) inspired by Bianca Gonzales mantra bracelet. She is one of my favorite blogger 🙂

I am wearing this since I started teaching and order another one (customized) saying: If I fall, I will rise again.

At first my husband was making fun of me because he knows my staple accessories in my everyday outfit (Jewelmer pearl earrings, wedding band & engagement ring, gold blings (not together with pearls ha!)) My style is classic but I think I can try this edgy bracelet since it’s a good reminder while in the middle of hustle and bustle of life outside home 🙂 Besides, I have my owl necklace when I feel youthful hehe…

Back from long hiatus! I’ve been busy from my part time job as a Teacher 🙂 It really makes me happy! I love my students, from adults to kiddos… gosh, time flies. Anyway, it’s 24th of December and honestly we just made our Christmas shopping today. I am not complaining tho’ because I am happy that we are both busy working and able to pay bills and enjoy other luxury in life that money can buy and share it too with other people.

2011 has been good to me. There are a lot of good and bad things that has happened to me but am thankful to experienced it both because it made a better person which I consider as a humbling sophistication . Also, last night I received a call from a friend that brought good news about a new career that I am going to do come February after my first season in teaching. I am just so happy that my life is not in a rut, that am able to do all the things I want to and to be so much loved by my husband, family and friends.

I just have one wish for this year: To be healthy.

That is the downside of my 2011 aside from so much-drama in life haha! I had Neuralgia, Vertigo, Acidic stomach (I love and hate COKE!) and fatty liver. Would you believe, I’ve been avoiding pork and beef meat for a month now?! I can’t no longer eat at fast food, drink coke! eat citrus fruits. I can’t take risk anymore, the pain is so pain in the A! plus my medicines is so expensive, I ca even buy pair of shoes in SM Parisian every week haha! Thanks to my Dr. Husband who took care of me during the fall of my moody health.

One thought on “Mantra Bracelet

  1. Good luck in the coming year, Sofie! ❤ To be healthy is a great goal. I also plan to do that. I actually am asking my friends to be my buddies in this journey of improving myself. And that includes my health.

    It's great to have loving people around you. It refreshes you especially during tough times.

    Happy new year! 🙂

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