Cosmetic Acrylic Organizer

Hi everyone! Few hours from now we will welcome the year 2012 🙂 and before it ends, I made it a point that I will finish organizing half of my vanity desk.

Acrylic Organizers

I was so excited to buy everything when I was doing a little shopping 🙂 The little spot at the Landmark is so heavenly for make-up organizer fanatic!

Lipstick organizer (Php 99.00)

(lipstick organizer turned brush holder 🙂 Php 99.00

Perfect for holding my everyday make-up brushes 🙂

Blush/Compact face powder organizer (Php 300++)

Half of my accessible vanity desk 🙂

I even have Nail Polish organizer from 88 store 🙂

All of my favorite products that I use everyday are all accessible now and the rest are well kept in dura box and train cases such as make up tools and cosmetics.

That’s all!



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