What’s your hobby?

I love reading and collectiing comics and books!

Hi everyone!

Do you have a hobby like I do? 🙂 Aside from being passionate in collecting beauty tools… I am also fond in collecting comics and random genre of books. This year and coming 2012, I decided to collect all the books regarding to beauty, lifestyle and home.

Books about Beauty 🙂

These books are all in my bed side and I feel so good reading them all the time. I finished reading Bobby Brown and Universal Beauty 🙂 but then again, I am still reading it all over and over together with half-way finishing Parisian Chic. All these are so fantastic and really boost self-confidence. I am also applying everything that I learn from these babies 🙂

I also do book scrapping since I love taking pictures and updating my vision board! plus writing.

Hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one’sleisure time. I highly suggest to you my readers to start having a hobby like the days when you were still younger 🙂 It’s therapeutic and little joys in life. Even you are so busy, try to find time whether it’s “me-time” or bonding with your loved ones 🙂


Thank you to my dearest Aunt (Ninang) Gina Obsequio who gave me the Universal Beauty and all the gifts without any occasion that I am eagerly requesting as pamangkin hehehe!

To my dearest best friend who is the most generous friend ever!(Parisian Chic)


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