Wonder Woman T-shirts and Havaianas limited edition

Hi everyone!

I am so happy to celebrate my 27th Birthday with my husband and friends. My husband surprised me after work by going to amusement park which is never missed since I am 18 years old 🙂 It is just that, I didn’t expect that we were going since I already decided to eat at Yang Chow located at Centris. I am a huge fan of yang chow rice and I hope that I remember the name of that restaurant right hehe… then gave me the Havaianas limited edition of Wonder Woman!!! amazing.

I also felt proud owning a new toy named “sisig” that he won from the basketball in amusement park 🙂

Proud wifey 🙂 whatta swag!

Then not to forget my best friend Mylene who always love to shower me with beautiful things!

Gift from my best friend 🙂

I decided to open the other one on Christmas day since it was beautifully wrapped 🙂 and read the Parisian chic as soon as she gave it to me! I love Parisian lifestyle and I’m so in love with it (clothing, lifestyle, interior and taste) Reading books, collecting and smelling them makes me happy. She also gave me the Wonder Woman T-shirts that was a limited edition in Folded in Hang but instead she got the beautiful shirts from DC Comics store! I love Wonder Woman so much ❤

I am just so thankful for another year that God has given to me and I am indeed blessed especially having a good relationships that I mostly invest before anything else.


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