Personal Favourites

Hi everyone!

I would love to share my current favourites in shower caddy for 2012 πŸ™‚ As you all know, I am one of the girls that couldn’t sleep without my beauty rituals. It became a habit, a way of de-stressing. Aside from that, I love trying new products and few stays which is the one that really works fine with me. I think I will never get tired of it πŸ™‚


One of my staple hair shampoo and conditioner is schwarzkopf it’s really good for hair care and treatments. All you need is just a pea size! But if I feel my hair wants to try something different, I love Vaseline Thick and Shiny 2-in-1 shampoo in econo pack.

I love huge bottles and I truly believe it really saves! The smell of it is refreshing and adds up volume to my hair just like Schwarzkopf.

Hair Styling Products

I know blow drying is bad for hair, but I can’t leave the house with wet strands! It really make me feel dizzy. For everyday use and to keep my hair moisturize, I use Snoe’s Hair Heroes it makes my hair more silky, soft and smell so good and my husband loves it whenever he smells my hair!


When it comes to styling, I trust Schwarzkopf and L’oreal Elnett. I swear on it!

My number one choice for rampa moments!

I highly recommend Schwarzkopf and L’oreal Elnett for hair spray. You can never go wrong πŸ™‚ I just finished a bottle of Elnett and I only consume 1 to 2 bottle a year for special occasion use only.


I love body scrub, if I have time to spare I go to spa but since I have a busy schedule right now… I use Asian secret once a week. For cleansing my face in the end of the day, I use Derm Aesthetique TeaΒ  tree facial wash (good for oily/acne prone skin) and VMV pumice scrub once a week.


I ran out of Obagi facial wash and I’m totally broke right now to support that haha πŸ™‚ As for my body soap (not in the picture, nasa bathroom eh di presentable haha!) I use Vaseline Healthy white liquid soap with loofah from Sephora during day time…

For night time, I make babad for 2-3 minutes’ Bioessence’s Papaya soap. It really works in just 5 days! You will notice that your skin will peel (micro) For my lips, I use Lush lip scrub twice a month for more kissable lips lol. PH care? do I need to say more πŸ™‚


I am so into moisturizer! For day time, I use Aveeno because it is light formulated lotion and at night, I alternately use Snoe’s Body Softener (anti-aging, whitening and collagen lotion) and Nivea Almond oil lotion. Both are heavy duty moisturizer!

Since I am using M.A.C bullets and can be drying at times, I apply Aquaphor original ointment for my lips and it is also good after lip exfoliation using Lush.

I swear on that product! I also use it if I have “paltos” caused by new shoes and minor scratches for being clumsy. It easily dries up minor wounds and lightens skin mark (parang may sebo de macho effect)

Under Arms

Okay, usapang super personal na talaga hehe… I love to have more beautiful under arms because my husband loves touching it (anuveh) Sometimes, waxing and shaving (pag walang oras) can cause dead skin. So, to maintain a good underarms skin, I seldom use deodorant (Dove) only when I have activities such as working out or mega-walkathon in traveling.


I also use skin lightening powder from HBC once a weekΒ  in 2 months now and so far, my ua skin is lightening and much smoother (be warned in using skin lightening products! it might be good for my skin but not yours… its a risk talaga) then I apply Mosbeau whitening cream every night as my maintenance. It also eliminates bad odor that’s why I am not using deodorant as often as I used to be.


Moving on, usapan pang face at kamay naman…

I seldom use moisturizer for face because I am too oily, but sometimes my T-zone dries up (confusing!) That’s why I use Clinque dramatically different moisturizing lotion. It’s a must in my make-up bag to avoid seeing white heads on the side of my nose eww. So glad that there’s a Clinique store in Trinoma near our place, no need to go to Shangrila mall to buy it hehe πŸ™‚

For my hands, I am an avid fan of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle been using it for 4 years now since I started working and can totally support my kikay products haha! I love how my hands smell when I use it. Just a pea size needed to keep your hands moisturize and smell good. Kahit wag ka na magpabango when you use this, keribells na. The scent is too strong and good for evening events or kahit saan rampa sa gabi.

I can’t simply wait for Chanel’s hair mist to be available in our country. Gusto ko kasi, mabango hair ko… ewan ko ba. Walang basagan ng trip! πŸ˜€ (nasingit- ang hair produtcs!)

Chanel No. 5 hair mist

I went to Shangrila mall yesterday and so excited to buy it, unfortunately not yet available pa raw. Will try again and again until I have it πŸ™‚ I even look for it at Green Hills hoping the popular scent shops has it. Failed ang lola mo!


When it comes to perfume, I love D&G light blue forever. It’s my signature scent but there are days I want to use another scent, trip trip ba? So in 2012, aside from using my signature scent, I also love using Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste for night rampa- pa mature-effect. But if I feel like flirty and playful I opt for GAP so pink (before, GAP White! the most sexiest scent ever! kaso phase out na) pag tamang relax lang: GAP dream My husband loves it! (together with D&G light blue, he goes crazy with it hehe)

After shower at night, I still use perfume (yehhsss!) and I love Bath and Body Work’s Cucumber Melon. And for the rest of my perfume collection, its on the back seat for a while.

I love perfumes, sometimes I just buy a perfume because of the bottle. Sarap lang tingnan sa vanity table! babaeng babae lang and I am happy that my husband is okay with it. Ang cute ko raw!

Just because I turned 27, it doesn’t mean I’m less spoiled when it comes to vanity. Now, don’t ask me how long it takes me to take a bath/shower! πŸ™‚

Happy Chinese New Year!

QOTD: There is no price that anyone can pay for self-fulfillment and achievement.Β 

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