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Added to my beauty library:

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

By: from the editors of Newbeauty

Experts Reveal the stars’ favorite products which is really a must have as I tried few feature products in this manual. The products featured here are high end brands but really works big time 🙂 All  articles are written precisely and straight to the point plus loads of picture.

It also tackles celebrities anti-aging treatments, the diets that really work combined with discipline (that I want to have so badly). Tips for sexy hair and more…

Celebrities featured: Demi’s slimming diet, Jennifer’s New work out (after birth), Gwyneth’s must have makeup, Courtney’s anti aging facial, Katy Perry, Debra’s skin concerns, Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum and a whole lot more.

Make the Connection

By: Bob Greene and Oprah Winfrey

I like Oprah Winfrey Show, her lifestyle plus her battle in weight loss program. I have also the same dilemma, yo-yo diet. My body is so confused! Now, that I experienced mega- ulcer plus a little pancreatic issues… My Doctor gave me medication for a month and I swear, the pain is crazy. After a month of medication and 2 months of strict diet, I already lose 10 pounds of water weight without exercising. I even had to take out the Soda and red meat in my regular meals. I tried to eat bawal once in a month and check if my stomach will go crazy and it really doe, sad but true. So I have a phobia now in eating beef, pork and drinking juice & soda. I can no longer experience being 100% full. My meals should be 4 hours apart. If I have my breakfast around 7 a.m. I have to wait for 4 hours to have lunch then for dinner. No snack, only water. Why? because our stomach needs to rest! di ko alam yun haha! During night time, I always drink yakult and fresh milk that made my stomach feels much better.

I am so glad that I no longer crave for red meat (thank you Lord!) but smelling the spirit of Coke sometimes drives me crazy.

Moving on with the book, it is about ten steps to a better body and a better life. It says: It’s not about dieting- it’s about changing your life. (sabeh)

In Make the Connection, Oprah Winfrey and Bob Greene show you exactly what to do every day, physically and mentally,to start looking and feeling fantastic. The exercise and fitness program they give you is simple to follow and you’re sure to be moved by Oprah’s personal stories about her own work to get into great shape, excerpts from her personal diaries and friendly advice on making and keeping your commitment to the program. Lavishly illustrated with gorgeous color photographs of Oprah and Bob, the book will show you how to work out, every step of the way. this inspiring guide will be sure to change your life.

Take My Advice

Edited by: James L. Harmon

Aside from Beauty and Body, I also feed my brain with biographies, novels, short stories, fiction, comics, and other literary works.

Take my advice is a fascinating meeting of the highbrow and lowbrow, the contributors offer advice on topics ranging from love and sex to fame and drugs (not that I am taking drugs!) and from living responsibly to living wild from the virtues of independence to the virtues of superficiality.

The contributors words’ to the wise are exciting and shocking, inspiring and challenging.


Happy week end!


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