My best friend’s secret: Shiso BB Cream

Hi everyone!

The Body Shop: Moisture White/ Shiso BB cream

I’ve been lusting for new liquid foundation even I am avoiding it due to oily, sensitive and acidic skin. (Boo!!!)

I tried several BB cream and the result is so-so.

Last year, I discovered Revlon’s color stay and used it for a year but only to cover my dark circles for every day use. If there’s a special occasion I opt for MUD’s (Make-up Designory) blue corrector (the best corrector for my dark circle and pimple scars, if there’s a break out *ganap)

I discovered blue corrector to my trusted make-up artist, Kris Bacani. Right after my wedding, I asked her what did she used to cover my impurities and she delightedly honored me with an answer and sold me the product. Guess what? I even woke her up and went to her place just to get the blue corrector. Le sigh* Make-up Designory was not yet here when I bought that hee hee πŸ™‚

Moving on, in the past few months every time my best friend (Mylene Sarah) and I have a girl bonding… I asked her all the timeΒ  and made kulet to the maxxxx!!! what is her beauty secret? I want that glow so badly… that even I am so happy with work+love life, I need more superficial enhancement! and the fact, I love make-up!

I thank my best friend so much that she spilled the secret! So, during my me time last Saturday, I went to Body Shop and tried the product. My usual technique is to try a tester first and wait for 3-6 hours while I am doing mall shopping.

I am so glad it went well!

Php 1,195.00 (30 ml)


– It gives an instant glow and cover impurities (pimple scars, redness, pores and pimple) after estimated time of 30 minutes.

– It is compatible in fair/white skin

– No retouch needed

– Not thick coverage which I like

– Blends good with pressed/loose powder

– Since I am not yet a fan of SPF, it has SPF 25 that I think I should start using.

– Tinted BB cream (this is not a moisturizer)

– Also good without powder (just bring blot paper)

– Little amount of the product is needed which makes the tube lasts for long time.

– Ideal for everyday use (no to zombie make-up!)


– It’s bit expensive for 30 ml tube and there’s no other available shade.


Give me a week or two using this product before I swear on it πŸ™‚ but, it gave me the “glow” that I want for 6 hours long. My husband saw me after my me-time and he said that my skin healed so fast, but then I told him… I’m using a new product just to cover my impurities that was caused by my medication for a month *boo*

I saw it several times on my best friend’s skin and I am so jealous every time πŸ™‚ She has a dry skin but not prone to acne like me. With her skin type, it is indeed the best BB cream for her πŸ™‚

Swatch (eep my first time!)


Thank you much Bes for sharing me your beauty weapon. I thought I can wait ’till payday! but heck, I braved the Body Shop store and bought it.


If my husband loves it,he compliments me- That I know its working.


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