Personal Favourites

Hi everyone!

February Love

I try to use randomly my make up collection but some are staples already, a must in my beauty routine like:

1. Studio Fix NC35

2. Benefit Brow Zings in Medium

3. M.A.C brow set in Girl Boy

As much as I wanted to include sun block before piling up make up, it always fail. Instead I use Benefit’s Dr. Feel Good. How I wish, I am a sun block fan but I know… I’ll regret for not starting to apply and getting used to it. The downside of putting sunblock in my unbearable skin (Oily and Acidic) is you can cook an egg after 30 minutes or an hour. I hope I can find the right sun block for me! As they say, it’s the best time to take care of your skin during your 20’s.

Moving on, here are the added favourites in February:

1. Face of Australia in Wine ‘n Roses lipstick

2. M.A.C in HugMe lipstick

(note: I always mix lipcolour because it is much prettier. Usually, I use Hug Me as a diffuser.)

3. NYX eyeshadow in EX10 champagne

4. Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB CREAM (my comment: the best BB cream for me that lightens my face… I totally swear on it!)


I just use BB cream when I feel my skin look tired.

During week ends, I try to avoid using make-up so I can let my skin breathe and rest!(except when I have a date with my husband hee hee 🙂 )



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