Vanity desk project

Where the magic happens...

Hi everyone!

This is my vanity desk project. It is not yet done šŸ™‚ I am still finding the right chair and thinking what kind of aesthetic lighting I should put in both sides. I was thinking about getting the popular Hollywood style but I am a bit hesitant since my electrician and trusted salons told me that those light bulbs are high maintenance. It attracts more “dust” since anything electronic does it. So, I had a change of heart.

The idea came from Kim Chu’s vanity desks, she have both. I opted to buy and installed the straight light instead (thank you to my loving husband who supported me to do this, its labour of love!)… I don’t know what is the technical term for that but I asked some salons what lighting are they using and ta-dah information complete. It also has diffuser to avoid strong lighting. The great thing in warm light is you can still see the actual make-up (because some light can be tricky at times)

I am so inspired whenever I see my vanity desk and hopefully I can finish it in no time.


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