Rucy’s Vanity (Korean eyebrow pencil)

Hi everyone!

Auto eyerow pencil

Y’all know that I am still searching for the perfect eyeliner for me because of my oily lids, teary eyes and sleepy moments during day time… My gosh my eye make up should be oh-so super compatible with the type!.

I really like lining my upper lid to make a cat style make up! I am crazy to have that look because it is simple, clean and alluring matched with the right lip colour.

I have tried a lot of high end brands and always fail after an hour of test. So, this week I went to Korean store and bought some beauty products.Rucy’s Vanity is like Ever Bilena to us 🙂 It’s not expensive but good quality for my skin type.

I know its for eyebrow but the Korean saleslady told me that I can also use it in my eyelids. Very good sales talk 🙂 nothing to lose, it’s only Php 70.00.

I tried it today while doing shopping with my husband,  from SM North, Greenhills to Megamall (6 hours) and ta-dah! No RACCOON eyes! That’s my issue when it comes to eyeliner,  after an hour of application or 30 minutes- gah, I have a black eye already to think its high end but disappointing. I even had a hard time erasing it hee hee but all good. It just smudged after I cook dinner for us and wash the dishes 🙂 Pawis na pawis ako ‘teh!

I am still observing this product until Monday during at work 🙂 I want to know if this will  last for 9 hours in air conditioned room at the office.  But if this will fail, I think I can still use it occasionally.


5 thoughts on “Rucy’s Vanity (Korean eyebrow pencil)

  1. @rose- I texted you 🙂

    @Eunice- Oh I tried fashion 21 and it was a fail hee hee even make up forever for the love of whew…

    The store is called Nice Shop near heart center. But they have story in Malate (Rucy’s Vanity) and the staff told me that mini-stop has it.

  2. Try using primer first, then put on a base eyeshadow preferably same as your skin tone, then put on your eye liner 🙂

    You may also try using a gel liner and go for the water proof ones 🙂 Tingnan ko lang kung mag smudge pa! hehehe

    amishoo na xoxo

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