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Kiehl's shop soon to open in Trinoma

Hi everyone!

What: Product Review

Skin-type: Oily- Acne Prone Skin (Plus acidic)

For the past months, I was using OBAGI as recommended by my Doctor at Belo Medical. It is a wonder drug but sadly, I can’t financially support the fountain of youth. Also, I experienced super- breaking out last month due to medication and taking dairy products such as Milk (night) and egg for brekky to heal my ulcer pain. It was totally insane, first time ever in my existence.

I combined it with facial, diamond peel and occasional facial massage for faster recovery but still it utterly failed. Even Obagi system can’t beat the awkward phase. So, fortunately as my stock ran out I switched to a new product.

It was totally a dramatic risk as it is not that cheap (but gosh, compare to obagi and la mer that I am fond of) for trial and error. Heck, I took the risk. As my friend said: Mabuti ng butas ang bulsa, wag lang ang mukha. (by the way she’s aĀ  mother, former beauty queen, model, artist,Ā  and now an executive- I took her advice šŸ™‚ )

I also got that advice from one of my office mate who is a lawyer in an International Company, but I can’t be like him. He spends too much for his vanity hahaha! (10k for facial- beat that)

Back to kiehl’s,

My purchase:

1. Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

– It’s my3rd day using this product, It’s too early to judge but it really takes away oiliness from my skin instantly.

– Not heavy on the skin

– Unscented (no strong scent like other astringents)

– It has a blue colour like Obagi but doesn’t stain

– Just a small amount needed to cover the entire face (2-3 drops)

2. Acai Damage- Correcting Moisturizer

– I only use this during night time

– I don’t know yet if this works on me

3. Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment

– Works wonder to my annoying pimples!!! I swear on this product šŸ™‚ I used it for 3 days before using the toner and it really dried up my acne. Amen to this product šŸ™‚ definitely my go-to anti acne cream.

4. Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

– I love this product šŸ™‚

– I can feel my skin so clean and fresh (bye bye oily talaga)

– All you need is just a pea size for the entire face! Worth it talaga. tipid!

5. Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner

– If you are abusing your hair with treatments such as colouring! OMG. Buy this šŸ™‚ your hair will thank you for sure.

I will purchase again:

Facial Wash

This will be my new weapon for cleansing my face. It works big time plus the fact it is so matipid!

Anti Acne cream

Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin- Clearing Treatment: Will buy this since I only have occasional break out. It’s like the one medicine (huh) that I will find in a first aid-kit.


So far so good… It’s my 4th day today and I have to signs of irritation. Because my Doctor said, it is okay to have pimples on the first 3 days up to 7 when using a new product BUT if that continues- it means… that is not for you.

That’s all!

Note: Sana ito na ang para sa akin šŸ™‚ Maswerte ang tao na likhang makinis at Eskinol/RDL ang ginagamit hee hee.

And I am so happy that Trinoma is having Kiehl’s mas malapit sa bahay šŸ™‚

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