Meeting Imelda Marcos

One of my greatest achievement in life is to be a young PR Executive (25 years of age) and I am proud of it.

with Imelda Marcos and officemates (All executives)

Taken at The Peninsula Manila on Novemebr 8, 2010 during the Abueva Book launching.

Hon. Imelda Marcos

She’s truly one of my idols. I look up to her when it comes to confidence and being witty plus the fact she is incredibly fashionable ever since.

Imelda Marcos with National Artist and a friend- N. Abueva

aww she touched me! hahaha!

officemates: Atty. Mario, Atty. Wyanet (Divine Lee's BFF) ME and Gracie 🙂

It was truly an amazing night 🙂 Never in my wildest dream will I ever had a moment with Hon. Imelda Marcos. How, I wish I can interview here someday ❤


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