more about my Style & Beauty

Old glamor style of 50's

(an excerpt from interview guide that has been published for stylish bloggers, it was truly a compliment for me as a beauty blogger to be considered as one, will send the link soon!)

Tell us about your personal style: feminine, classic, and understated and definitely an expression of who I am.

What are your favorite shops: I am more of a beauty junkie than fashionista, but I love Tyler, The ramp, La Senza, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Missy (Bayo) and 7 for all mankind. How I wish I am more in love with local brands aside from Tyler and The ramp, but as a “plump” pinay I accepted the fact that most of large sized clothes from local brands doesn’t fit me and hello for “free size craze“. Fit is so “important”, you might caught yourself falling in love with a dress but  no matter how nice it looks on the rack, if it doesn’t flatter you well, let it go. I learned what worked for me and what didn’t.

Style Icons: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Queen Rania of Jordan and Ivanka Trump. For modern day, I am so into- Sex and the City and Mad Men clothing. Simply, ravishing.

Things you don’t leave the house without:

1. Make up Bag (Sephora)

I must admit, I can’t go outside with bare face except when I am working out. With my make up bag, there’s a wet tissue.

2. Wallet

Never leave the house without extra cash even it’s only Php 100 or Php 50. I learned my lesson in a hard way! Inside: Wallet size wedding photo, ATM (I don’t own credit card-ever, it’s dangerous to your health) Identification Card (in case I get lost lol) and I am proud owner of Tom’s World fun card.

3.Notebook and Pen

I love writing to-do list in a busy day, jotting down notes in a business meeting and writing inspiring words.

4.Hand lotion

I am currently in love with heathcote and Ivory country blossom hand lotion and coco Chanel. Both are great hand lotion and I love smooth hands and smell good all the time.

5. Alcohol

For sanitation purposes


I feel much closer to Him

7.Cell phone

But I don’t bring one during family day, same goes with my husband when we are dating. It’s one of our marital rules


My Jurassic Ipod that I earned during my stay at the Senate under Sen. Villar. It has a sentimental value because I asked for an autograph personally. It was 2 years ago, I can’t hardly see the ink boo hoo.


I don’t bring huge bottles of perfume that’s why I also buy smaller version of my signature scents.

Make up essentials:

My easy to reach beauty counter!

updated makeup essentials

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Toner– I have an oily, acidic and acne prone skin. I know right, it’s a fight for ages… but since I used a toner before applying make-up, I have an occasional attack of oiliness which I only retouch once. Hurrah!

Dr. Feelgood primer of Benefit– This makes my make up stay longer for more than 8 hours.

Benefit Bella Bamba Blush– gives a natural glow on my skin same goes with my old time favorite NARS orgasm.

Studio MAC fix in NC35–  My trusted foundation powder. Sometimes I still applied it using wet sponge to make it more visible, I swear it still works, like the good ‘ol times for makeup application style.

Lipstick- MAC Brave (Satin- Nude pink) my all around lipstick but if I feel more adventurous or lazy to apply makeup, I go for MAC Russian red (matte). It really gives life to my boring skin in an instant! I skip any lip conditioner when applying lipstick, it works well on me.

Benefit Mascara– Who doesn’t want more flirty eyes?

Shu Uemura eyelash curler– cult favorite and mine too. It doesn’t cut my lashes or pulled plus “parang tinupi” na eyelashes look.

Stila Bronzer- for contouring.

The magical makeup for brows!

Benefit Browzings in Medium– My partner in crime to have that beautiful eyebrows well defined. The kit has brow wax for setting and brow powder to fill in all gaps in the brow hair plus it has a compact mirror, two small brushes and a tweezers.

MAC Brow set in Girl Boy- Also a partner in crime when I want to have a softer look when using a bright colour lipstick. It’s a cult favorite and a must have! This is a no-brainer product.

Make up brushes- I have 3 sets of makeup brushes, 1st  is an easy to reach set from vanity desk (as seen on picture), 2nd brushes that I used occasionally in train case  and 3rd MAC 217 and MAC116 my all around makeup brush that I always carry with me.

I really invest in good quality brushes, it might be a little expensive but it will last for 8 years with proper care. I have brush guards for extra protection and to make it stay in shape.

Brushes make all the difference in makeup application.


Diet tips:

I am in a yo-yo diet for years but as for my advice, don’t take diet pills especially the one that you can’t understand in Chinese or unfamiliar alphabet and wrong grammar instructions. I’ve been there done that, and it has taken its toll on me. Don’t even skip meals and avoid sodas if you can.

Take diet as a serious lifestyle change and stick with it not because you want to be a skinny bitch. It’s more mental challenge, because if you will starve yourself to death and go back to your bad eating habit again, it’s useless and will make you sick.

Right now, I am taking the natural way with Doctor’s advice and its effective, slowly but surely because I am not healthy anymore:

Portions of food:

  • ·         Vegetable – size of your fist
  • ·         Pork/beef/white meat- size of your palm
  • ·         Rice/Potato/Pasta/bread- ¼ or none at all. It’s safer for adults to totally avoid rice in take as per my Doctor.

I don’t eat pork & beef anymore, 4 months and counting. I don’t drink soda, coffee and any kind of juice. If I really want to drink something aside from water, I’ll have Passion Red Tea from Starbucks once a week or a month. My sugar in take is limited and only if needed. I don’t use much oil when cooking so thank you to Non stick pans. If you need oil, use coconut or soya. I rarely eat junk food and if I do, it’s only Cheetos.

Just make sure you don’t starve yourself and move, have small 6 meals in a day, instead of bigger one, hit to gym or jog for 30 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you can only do it once a week, again make it a lifestyle.

One more, “Think French” I love Parisian vanity, they love to walk! So, the tamad-to-walk that I am, I remind myself “Think French

These changes are good for a lifetime and not a short term commitment.

Note: I used to weigh 150 pounds (height 5’1) and lose 30 pounds after 2 months in year 2007. I gained it all again because of unhealthy lifestyle and now my body is different due to age. 4 months ago, I was 160 pounds and now I am weighing 140 pounds. (no diet pills and crazy work out) My goal is 120 for healthier me. No insane cravings and I thank my Doctor for that!

A lady must remember that:

In style: Don’t follow trends just to conform, dress according to your body type, comfort and your personality.

note: words and photograph by me. Please don’t steal!


SNOE Suntervention

Summer is here! All of you must be excited to hit the beach, the walk in the sand, the smell of grilled food, the sound of waves and the heat of the sun! so am I.

As far as I remember, the last time I hit the smooth waves smothered with sun block lotion, I went straight at the beach, floating and staring at the beautiful blue sky before the sun totally shows up… it was almost 7 a.m. and I haven’t seen the sun but the sky is so lovely. When beams hit up, I rushed to the sea shore, put a sarong and run back to our hotel room and boom! My husband told me, you’re tan.

I was in awe as I am always protective with my skin; I am one of those girls who are afraid to be toasted which is so ironic. I could have blamed the sun block with SPF 50 or the nature itself. I guess I just needed higher SPF!

Until I was invited once again by SNOE Beauty inc. that really surprised my craving for new discovery of higher SPF Sun Block.

Soon to hit the stores nationwide!


Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention is a get together with finest beauty junkies who loves, of course, beauty products. Snoe is the only local brand that I am very in love with;

L-R, Bec, Moi, Clair, DOnna, Mich and Carizza

with super hip kim yenko!

I remember the day that I met the women behind Snoe, Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz, who is very hands-on, brilliant, driven, talented, empowered, founder and CEO of Snoe Beauty Inc., I was so amazed, so star struck and undeniably inspired.

Jen Gerodias-Diaz

I also had an opportunity to meet NOE, her daughter where the brand name SNOE came from!

Noe and li'l brother 🙂

I have met a lot of CEO and worked with all my life but this one, is so humble and go getter which I love. Our meeting that time was productive and I am glad to know the products personally.

The Snoe convention was fun, the company really knows how to throw a hot party. The place was divine at the luxurious residential in Dasmarinas Village, Makati. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the professional staff together with my personal photographer, Christian Amiel Tira, with healthy smoothie and introduction with their new line. I was well entertained; the manpower of Snoe is truly amazing, not to forget their staff at the mall. I observed that very well.

Aside from dashing welcome, we are also given a chance to get Snoe paper money as our shopping moolah for the event. How brilliant the idea for a fun and I bagged Php 700.00.

There are a lot of fun and games, delicious food and entertainer: the fire dancer.

The presentation was interesting and didn’t make me yawn for a second. The host is uplifting and Ms. Jen together with her staff roams around to make sure we are all assisted well.

If summer is sooo hot, so as the main game of the event!

Though, I am not lucky to have been selected to play in games, I just feel lucky enough to splurge my Snoe money in Snoe’s well known product-  The Emutox  oil (Botox Serum + Emu+ Acai) and Emu facial wash. I will definitely know if this will work after I tried it but knowing Snoe works for me, I have 100% trust on this.

And on my way home, I have Snoe Suntervention serious sun protection SPF 80++ (yes, more than 80 but not over 90) Broad spectrum UVA/ UVA block. I am so happy, I have tried Snoe Sun Block SPF 45 as my everyday protection and it works well on me like my sun block from Belo Medical group but much cheaper. I am so excited to use this in our upcoming getaway and smother it including on my face.

The weather was even experiencing hormonal imbalance! But it didn’t ruin the party, in fact we have Snoe umbrellas with us! It was truly fun meeting new people which always interest me. It was nice to meet all of you dear beauty junkies.

Thank you Snoe Beauty Inc. for a delightful party, I can’t simply wait to do a review on EMUtox and Suntervention.


Readers, Snoe is giving away trip to boracay! Join now!  it’s now or never.

She’s my blood and flesh

Happy Birthday to my one and only sister in the world. I am so happy that God has blessed me a wonderful gangstah-like ate, I can never get tipsy, party as hard, break dance and be athletic, tall, straight forward and too brave like you but one thing for sure, I want to be a good, loving, doting mother like you in His time. I salute you for that! and yeah, thank you for always answering my phone calls and listening to my random stories even as petty like beauty stuff and my stomach ache ♥ I love you and I will always will.



What turns me on?

  • I love “hands” especially in guys. I am easily turned on just staring at my husband’s hands
  • Spa makes me feel energized and I must hit the spa once or twice a month
  • My husband, he is sporty, business minded and funny
  • Guy’s clean feet and well maintained toe nails, I am OC like that...
  •  Fine dining and one of my fave is Peking Garden Restaurant   If there’s a wild animal that I eat, its only duck. I love Asian cuisine.
  • Hotel lounge and chamber orchestra… I am simply elated.
  • Cupcakes especially the red velvet ones!
  • Flowers, my husband and friends give the best!


note: all photos were taken by me except the quote. Thanks!

Zenyu Eco Spa

Rizal Park

I’ve been to Rizal Park (Luneta, MNL) twice with my husband during summer to play kite and watch sunset. Now, it’s my third time to set foot in a not so maintained grass but still a lovely park because of peaceful surroundings. I forced my friend named Amiel to join me for walking in the park and took some shots if we are lucky enough to spot a green grass. Luckily for me, I found one. I took off my shoes as fast as I can, and told him that I’ll do a jump shot. The grass was so soft and I wish all the field has it. It was 12 noon when I enjoyed my self in the heart of Manila.

After  few minutes, we go straight ahead to Hotel H20. The last time that I went here was year 2010 to witness an event and enjoyed the Manila Ocean Park. This is the time that I am fortunate enough to experience the only negative ion hotel in the world that I consider as me-time. You know all, that I value personal space and that’s when I gave my self a lot of spa treatments.

Dr. Eric Tan and Noria Adam Lim, invited highly chosen bloggers including me to experience the A-list treatments that Zenyu Eco Spa.

Dr.Eric Tan

Dr. Eric Tan,  manager of Zenyu eco spa, is so hospitable and kind to greet me personally as soon as I arrived the hotel. I was expecting a secretary or someone but I am so honored and proud to say that he welcomed me himself. He showed me around the hotel and I was so amazed as I love staying in a hotel such as Shangri la Edsa, Makati and Sofitel Manila. Yeah, I am a hotel junkie as well.

It was hard for me to believe at first that the hotel is made of negative ion, until I saw their experiment that was conducted 2 years- present!

Raw egg, pork and cheese (2 years and counting exposed to hotel)

yeah, exposed just like that inside the hotel for customers to see. I can’t even believe that all of ’em has no bad odor. Now, I am a believer.

Hotel Lounge

Don’t you just love the 70’s inspired lounge? It is so posh, cozy and love the comfy chairs.

It has also 2 spacious 4 seats lounge with LCD monitor and mind you, the hotel is wifi ready.

Internet lounge with newspapers

An internet lounge with a relaxing view from the ocean


They also have a bar that serves good wine and this is not yet finish! isn’t it great? what more when its done? a lot of festive food will be definitely served like the hotels that I love to dine in with perfect live pianist or chamber orchestra.

After, the tour and chit chat at the lounge with new found friends… we proceeded in the heavenly treatments and there is no time limit. We are very well accommodated and wasn’t rushed.

Hotel Staff

Hotel H20 has a friendly, well trained professional staff. They took care of our things and attend to our needs as well as inquiries.

Mango Enzyme Drink

Before we start, we are given a healthy mango enzyme drink and home made yogurt.


All are stored from Ecoparadise products. I must admit, at first I was hesitant because I have an ulcer pain and I am avoiding any kind of fruits except from Banana for 3 months and counting. This was a total risk! Thank god, the next day I didn’t feel any discomfort and flushed the toxins very well. Word!

then… drum rolls…

Total body fish spa, I know right? I really don’t like fish spa for feet that is available almost everywhere. I am a germ-freak when it comes to that… paranoid that I’ll catch a disease from the water that was used by random people. But this one, made me jump in a heart beat and changed my casual get up to swimwear! The fishes came all the way from Africa and Turkey. The water is well filtered and changed everyday, plus the fact that the water comes straight from the ocean. The indoor fish spa jacuzzi is to die for. A must in Zenyu eco spa.

The temperature is so great and the ambiance outside is serene. After 15 minutes which is usually maximum time to let the fish eat dead skin haha! Honestly, my skin all over my legs is so smooth. (Full Body Fish spa Php 300.00)

This is the highlight of my experience. I am so in love with fish spa jacuzzi 🙂

Then, the massage… they also offer room for couples.

Spacious, soft bed, comfy head rest (a must in my spa needs), relaxing nature sound, smell minty nice and professional masseuse. The massage rate starts from Php700.00 to Php1350.

Single Room

After an hour of relaxing shiatsu massage… It was my first time to hit “hotbed treatment”

which I love to call “pugon” for that matter. Just to say, this is the time that I’ll know if my make up from MAC and Benefit is truly water proof!

Hotbed treatment: Php400.00

Photographer: Amiel/ Bloggers L-R: Sarj, Vance, Moi, Noria and Vinz*

A truly complete healing treatments. I am a fan of steam/sauna bath because it makes my skin glowy and I can breathe properly afterwards. There’s an option if you want to turn off the lights to sleep or not 🙂 the temperature can also be adjusted to what your heart desires.

My make up stayed after 20 minutes of sweating hard!!! Even the lipstick still feel smooth! (Face: MAC fix studio, The face shop BB cream/ Eyes: Benefit Brow zings in medium and MAC girl boy/ Lips: EOS lip balm, MAC girl about town) That proves a good quality!

My skin looks so radiant and feel so nice! I also took the challenge of not taking a bath after the massage to test the oil form the massage if it is sticky and doesn’t smell nice the day after. Surprisingly, the next day… I don’t feel sticky and still smells nice. My husband can attest to that because he always hugs me every morning 🙂

Thank you so much Dr. Eric Tan for being so generous and for the entire staff of Hotel H2O Zenyu Eco Spa.

note: Its a nice thing, if you don’t have make up during the treatments. I just wear it for photo op 🙂

Zenyu Eco Spa is located at the 3rd floor of Hotel H20.



Ecoparadise anti-oxidant bottle

Storing water in the bottle will soften and smoothen the water.

I had an opportunity to discover a new product that is environmental friendly. Ever since I had an ulcer pain and sorts of headache, I was forced to change an almost complete lifestyle especially when it comes to food intake. I am now guilt free from buying healthy food and kitchen wares that can prolonged my life lol.

I must admit, living a healthy lifestyle is quiet expensive. C’mon, the organic food, oxygenated and alkalize water which I am having 3 months now, except from the alkalize water that I shifted 2 years ago… le sigh! but, you it will save you from being hospitalize, which is more expensive.

Anyway, avoiding caffeinated drinks and anything that has colour made me love water more. The taste is bland, but it helps my body to overcome stress, stay hydrated and healthy. I always bring water bottle wherever  I go that I bought from lock and lock. Even at home, I always have water bottle or pitcher in our room. I drink 2-5 liters a day to stop my craving with sweet and salty! damn, taste buds! lahat ng bawal gusto.

So yesterday during the presentation about Ecoparadise that has a store exclusively in Zenyu Spa Hotel H20, I was really drawn to it. The Ecoparadise anti-oxidant solution, developed by Barbarian Co. Ltd. is a revolutionary product created not only for health recovery of people and the purification of the environment but also for reduction of CO2 and saving energy.

My interest in Negative Ions is high! why? because there’s something in the air and while it may not be love, some say it’s the next best thing- negative ions.   Negative ion can be associated with regeneration for youthfulness and longevity.   It’s hard to explain scientifically but when I saw how it affects our blood circulation, damn I am sold.

Checking my Capillary through Microscope

This was the test that I had yesterday and found out that I am stressed haha! I really don’t know what area in my life that I am negatively stressed. So, they had a hard time finding my capillaries hehe. When it was found clearly, they put an amazing cotton fiber that generates negative ions. Then I saw my blood circulation become more active which is healthier! Dr. Eric Tan told us, that most celebrities has it because of healthy lifestyle so as the elders that takes “maintenance” and vitamins.

I don’t drink any vitamins because of my ulcer pain, but I’ll ask my doctor about it so I can have a healthy capillaries which perform the vital function of feeding the organ with amino acids, proteins and oxygen that can also deliver a good skin. Hello, I have an acne problem and maybe it will help to take care of my capillaries double time. (which am glad, just a small problem hehe, that can ruin your self confidence lang naman! hay malapit na ako sumuko sa mga ito. I strongl desire to be acne-free)

So, I am really glad that Zenyu Spa Hotel H20 has an Ecoparadise products that are sold for everyone. You don’t have to check in to the hotel, just go to the Zenyu eco spa and inquire about the Ecoparadise products.

I bought this deoxidizing Ecoparadise anti-oxidant bottle that promotes the production of negative ions from infused materials in a discounted price (Php 225.00) Thank you Noria and Dr. Eric Tan. I put an alkalize water and let it stay for 12 hours in fridge. I will update you readers if there’s any changes 🙂 I hope this will help to improve my health even more.

For more details:

Zenyu Eco Spa

Dr. Eric Tan (Spa Manager, Tel: 2386190/ Mobile No.: 09178724489)