What’s for lunch?

Yesterday was the hottest temperature in our country! Pagasa says, it is not officially summer yet! The heat here in Luzon is due to Ridge of high pressure area causing warmn and humid conditions.

Oh my goodness, I wonder how it feels when summer hits…

Meanwhile, I am thankful that am now enjoying veggies two months straight for lunch. At first I feel like throwing up big time but as time goes by, my stomach accepted it.I drink an iced cold green tea every time I am eating veggies alone 🙂



4 thoughts on “What’s for lunch?

  1. I was just snooping what’s for lunch and I read some backlogs… I am so huli sa balita, di ka na pala nagwowork as PR exec?!! I totally admire your decision (hirap i-let go ng great things), kung I have a choice nga lang talaga… expensive kasi tlg ang buhay dito samin kaya tlgng mandatory that I work too… I am jealous!!!!

    Being a teacher is my dream you know (according sa yearbook ko), but sadly, I didn’t become one. I am happy at least few of my friends are teachers — and that include you… your students are sweet huh! You totally look blooming, kaya pala, kasi bagets ang mga kasama mo! 🙂

    I am happy you’re teaching and I pray that God continues to bless you with a well-balanced life…

  2. Hi Janis, you know exactly how I feel when it comes to corporate ladder 🙂 But I know one day, I’ll be super thankful that I made a wise decision for my family. Besides, I am still working but not as hardcore as before.

    I always pray for serenity and peaceful life 🙂 I miss yah!

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