Girl About Town

Life is too short not to try it all!

It has finally arrived!

I always wanted to buy and try this cult favorite of M.A.C lipstick and unfortunately all M.A.C stores that I know in the Philippines doesn’t have it. It’s always unavailable! I am so lucky to know a friend (Cierre Anne Tann)  who sells make up that are mostly cult favorite.

(using BB camera)

Anyway, today I feel much better after suffering from another painful attack of ulcer (with fever) for 5 days (gah). I didn’t know that I can’t take any pain reliever (aside from ulcer pain) because it will really trigger the pain. It was frustrating because that day I had a migraine… So, I don’t know what else to do but take a pain reliever. Into my surprise, it almost killed me. I’m thankful that my husband took care of me and didn’t leave my side.

All I did was bed rest and god knows it annoys me doing nothing but sleeping. Le sigh* what matters now is that I am better and enjoyed couple of spa treatments for three consecutive days. From massage, IPL, facial treatment and diamond peel.

Happy week end everyone! I can’t wait for our summer vacay 🙂


2 thoughts on “Girl About Town

  1. you go girl! i’ve had girl about town for years and i’m too chicken to wear it now. i don’t think i can pull off bright colors anymore, it looks great on you!!!

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