Tuesday Top Ten

Hi everyone!

(source from a blogger friend named Lily)

1. SONG:

I am currently listening to old tunes from D’ Sound and Hotel Costes (I have the complete 10 albums of Hotel Costes), it is so hot right now and I think listening to music calms me.

2. APP

I am not really a gamer or app addict but heck, Temple Run is addicting.

My latest store and still beating!


I am currently obsessed playing and collecting colours from M.A.C lipsticks and loving the Shiso cream combined with loose powder. I don’t really need to re-apply, a blotting paper will do. (the trick: I added toner before applying all)


Ahh, I am way too picky now in every thing since ulcer pain existed in my life. So, I am fish and veggie type of gal for the past 2 months and present- forever.


I am not into show right now (boring) but been doing a lot of movie marathon from the Oscar’s 2012 and present. (e.g. The Artist, Hugo, The help etc… lovet!!!)


I still love my signature scent D&G light blue but lately been wearing Salvatore Ferragamo classic because it is so bagay this summer or J&J baby cologne regular/heaven!


Drama. Drama. Drama. My heart is now made of steel from back stabbing fake people! phew.

8.  BLOG

Still beauty bloggers, Interior design and homemakers out there!

9. Flowers

Tulips and roses.

10. Drink

Water like forever. ( I used to be a coke-lover)


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