Personal Favourites

Salvatore Ferragamo pour femme for woman classic perfume and Country Blossom Hand & Nail cream

Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting. That is all the impact of my selected perfumes that leaves mark with all people I encountered every day of my life and some are not shy to ask me personally what perfume that I use.

I love to “look” mabango and smell really nice all the time… from the tips of fingers up to the last strands of my hair. My husband and friends can attest to that, it has always been my passion among other things.

Salvatore Ferragamo  pour femme expresses the classic and sophisticated style of Ferragamo’s world. The fragrance is floral-fruity, with a grassy note. The composition opens with a mild, spicy note of star anise, neroli and apricot. It was created by Jacques Cavallier in 1998.

Main accords

  • Fresh spicy
  • Floral
  • Citrus
  • Green
  • Fruity

I only use this in evening occasions and cold weather because of the strong scent but womanly like the phased out GAP white that I truly love. Just spray on the desired areas (pulse, back of the ears and hair) once and off you go. It really stays big time.

It is also good during summer breeze, so I really have to make sure if the sun is not that showy with its strong beams lol or else I’ll end up smelling not too friendly.

If you’ll ask me my signature scent, it is a no brainer D&G light blue that goes with anything 🙂

Moving on, I am crazy with hand creams or alcohol (Biogenic), Heathcote & Ivory Country Blossom luxury hand & nail cream with shea butter is one of my favorites (from Coco Chanel and M&S hand cream) It is fresh, floral accord with citrus top notes, combining melon, kiwi osmanthus, lily, cariander and ylang on a heart of Jasmin, rose, peony, cyclamen and rice flower. Base notes utilise precious woods, amber and music.

This specifically formulated cream contains Shea butter and vitamin e to moisturize and protect the hands and Panthenol to strengthen the nails.

That’s all!

All available in Rustan’s


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