M.A.C bullet

I find it a great antidote... lipstick!

Hi everyone!

Aside from my make up essentials, I added lipstick to avoid looking like a zombie. I was frustrated finding the right formula for me because some makes my lips chappy, dry and doesn’t stay longer. Until I tried Chanel, Clinique, Benefit, YSL, Clarins, Nars, Bobby Brown and M.A.C and become my lips best friend.

Those brands are my go-to. The said high end brands really stays longer (tried and tested) and not the usual colours from drug store brands or maybe it depends on body chemistry- something like that. Napagod na kasi ako kakabili ng drug store lippies na maya’t maya, re-touch hassle.

I opted to collect M.A.C bullets because it is much cheaper compare brands that are mentioned above and I am just crazy filling my acrylic organizer. I have no plans collecting everything from M.A.C because all cosmetics has a shelf life, le sigh* I am just finding the right one that compliments my skin and I am glad that most are M.A.C staples.

For lipstick

  • Some beauty experts says 1 to 2 years, even 4 years when stored in refrigerator. Best move, smell the old tube and when it smells rancidโ€ฆ TOSS IT!
  • Lipglosses/chapsticks: 2 years

My top 3 brands that I love are: Chanel, NARS and M.A.C.

If I get sincere compliments especially from my husband, I know it is really good on me ๐Ÿ™‚ Lipstick can really change a mood, gives an instant glow and as I said an antidote! I am happy to find the perfect shade of Red which is M.A.C’s Russian Red. My husband loves it so much, most boys doesn’t appreciate red lipstick… heck, even he doesn’t like it- I will still wear it as long as it looks good on me ๐Ÿ™‚ I just don’t understand men who doesn’t like girls to wear even a little make-up! C’mon, some of your heads were like under exorcism when you see a pretty girl with make-up and you want your partner to look like a zombie or tindera sa talipapa.

Colour Guide from M.A.C lipstick

  • Russian Red (Matte)
  • Diva (A97)
  • Hug Me (Lustre)
  • Twig (Satin)
  • Dazzle Lipstick in WIN-WIN
  • Girl About Town (Amplified)
  • Viva Glam GaGa (Lustre)

You can really can get away from everything by just using face powder, mascara and lipstick! it’s okay to wear make-up just don’t over do it and most of all: Don’t sleep with make-up on. Cleanse!


M.A.C lipstick and other brands can be drying so don’t forget to put some lip conditioner and exfoliate even once a week. Nothing beats a smooth lips when kissing LOL, the colorย  is just an added spice ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “M.A.C bullet

  1. Apir! I also like Russian Red and adore matte lipsticks… you’re right, most men doesn’t like red lipstick on their girls, pero type na type naman nila pag sa mga “ibang girls” (pero idedeny nila un for sure) hay naku!!

    I love love it!!! Yan din ang must ko whenever I leave the house to go somewhere important, sa office kasi zombie tlg ako kasi la namang kwenta! hahaha!!

    And since chaka ang lips ko, i always line my lips… ewan, malas ako sa lips…

  2. @Janis korek! ๐Ÿ™‚ apir. You should make (What’s in my make up bag) I loke lurking tlga when it comes to beauty products hehe. Oh, I am still trying to learn how to use lip liner parang hirap hehe.

  3. I love MAC lipsticks and I have also just started my collection! I am hoping to try lipsticks from other brands but I need to convince myself to splurge first haha! For now I’ll be content with the MAC ones! They have so many different formula and colors there’s bound to be something I like! The only thing that annoys me about the MAC lipsticks is that they do not stand if I flip them over. I like storing my lipsticks upside down so I an see the label but MAC ones will never stand up like that with their bullet tip! Argh!

  4. @Angel, very true about storing them upside down that’s my dilemma too. I am just stocking the colours that compliments me in one organizer (14 bullets) and just replenish it from time to time because of damn shelf life ๐Ÿ™‚ those are truly pretty little sophisticated bullets!

  5. Hi Sophie,
    Lately I have been thinking to buy just one lipstick. I have been using an etude lipstain for a year now and i find it very convenient because of my type of lip.

    Lipstick dont stick at all, it looks chappy on me, and the inner part of my lips (the one that sticks on our teeth) looks very very obvious with a lip color.

    However, people change and so their craze.

    I am eye-ing on lady gaga and that one “girl about town”.

    What can you say about it? And how much a bullet cost? I heard its around 800-900. Still have no time to check rustans. Huhu.

    Hmmmm…. That’s when you know that your man loves you. When he appreciates ur passion.

  6. @roxy so true about lipstick dilemas! I also experienced it (chappy, white lines etc) which means the formula is not for you (that is the bad part in buying make up) and you have to let it go.

    What lady gaga? 1 or 2? I have 1 (pink) and skipped 2, since I look zombie in wrong shade of nude. The only nude lipstick that compliments me from MAC is (hug me). Lady Gaga 1 lookjjs a little light on me and builds up but I love the color, so what I do is I am mixing other pink l
    ipstick to make the color more visible on me. If you want to have the lady gaga 1 shade since it’sphased out already, you can buy MAC pink nouveau and no need to add more shade since it is much creamy and not too light like lady gaga 1 and similar to Lady gaga 2 (Hug me). All similar shade are really great.

    MAC girl about town is good color! I think it works well for everyone. The down side is, it is only available in US. MAC Philippines doesn’t have it. Similar: NARS Schiap

    All bullets are now starting from Php 1,000.00. NARS is Php 1K++ but not more than 1,500.

    Here’s a Dupe: Lady gaga 1: Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink
    Girl about town: Ever Bilena Xtreme shine in 708

    enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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