MAC 252

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful evening with a friend named Zari. I am blessed to have good friends and my number one investment in life is “relationships”. Priceless!

I met her during the campaign back in 2010 (how time flies). One of our similarities is sharing our blessing with other people, career-driven…

with Zari at Charity event with cancer patients (kids/2011)

and we are self-confessed to have an unhealthy obsession over anything beauty. But beyond with this superficial addiction, we both know how to prioritize important things in life which most of my friends are like that. We are far beyond being a materialistic bitch, brand whore and thinking better than everyone. We just adore nice things and content with it. Hokay, I am a bit brand snob  when it comes to make-up and bags 🙂

Moving on, Zari and I had a little chit-chat and she bought  a make up haul as she lost her make-up bag. That is the most horrible thing that can ever happen to make up lover...

MAC 252 large shader brush

As she bought every thing she needed, I just bought a piece of brush in MAC. I need something that can give me a smokey effect and hassle free eye shadow tool for blending. It’s not that I don’t like other cult favorite brushes from MAC, I have few but when I am in a hurry… I really need a tool that will be my go to brush for all over lid color. I am a neutral colour lover by the way. I have no guts to sport colorful eye shadows compare to my adventure in lipsticks.

When in comes to make up tools that I am extremely passionate about, same thing with books and among other things that I’m interested with… I always demand for quality over quantity.

and those pretty eyes deserves only the best.

I am half way done collecting beauty tools that I am so happy to see every day in my room. I just really need all the basic that my heart desires and so glad that my husband understand my passion in beauty ek-ek.  I just don’t have the heart to ask money for my husband to buy my “luho” It doesn’t feel right 🙂 Thank God that I have a job to pay some pleasures in life.

That’s all!


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