M.A.C lipstick in Brave

Satin/Brave: Neutral Nude Pink on my NC35 skin

It was truly a lazy Sunday morning and a hormonal imbalanced weather. I woke up with sunshiny day and opted to do household chores such as laundry while my husband decided to wax his car. Then come mid afternoon, it rained.

Anyway, I also enjoyed cooking fish fillet (pangasius with breading) for our brunch. Dori is always out of stock in the market, I wonder why? very yummy fish when cooked steamed, fry or in sweet and sour sauce. My husband and niece loved it, so am I.

The day ended quenching our thirst in shopping. I only have a simple desire to buy another lipstick and my husband went to a car shop to have a custom made sticker for his beloved car. You know? girls and boys?! make up + cars = you’ll never understand why?!

swatch (no flash, natural lighting. Skin: Yellow undertone)

That’s all


there’s a book sale going on in power books and National Book Store (NBS) 20% off but I have still more books to finish. Le sigh* plus I just bought some clothes 2 weeks ago and now they are 10% off. I hate buying clothes...


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