Ecoparadise anti-oxidant bottle

Storing water in the bottle will soften and smoothen the water.

I had an opportunity to discover a new product that is environmental friendly. Ever since I had an ulcer pain and sorts of headache, I was forced to change an almost complete lifestyle especially when it comes to food intake. I am now guilt free from buying healthy food and kitchen wares that can prolonged my life lol.

I must admit, living a healthy lifestyle is quiet expensive. C’mon, the organic food, oxygenated and alkalize water which I am having 3 months now, except from the alkalize water that I shifted 2 years ago… le sigh! but, you it will save you from being hospitalize, which is more expensive.

Anyway, avoiding caffeinated drinks and anything that has colour made me love water more. The taste is bland, but it helps my body to overcome stress, stay hydrated and healthy. I always bring water bottle wherever  I go that I bought from lock and lock. Even at home, I always have water bottle or pitcher in our room. I drink 2-5 liters a day to stop my craving with sweet and salty! damn, taste buds! lahat ng bawal gusto.

So yesterday during the presentation about Ecoparadise that has a store exclusively in Zenyu Spa Hotel H20, I was really drawn to it. The Ecoparadise anti-oxidant solution, developed by Barbarian Co. Ltd. is a revolutionary product created not only for health recovery of people and the purification of the environment but also for reduction of CO2 and saving energy.

My interest in Negative Ions is high! why? because there’s something in the air and while it may not be love, some say it’s the next best thing- negative ions.   Negative ion can be associated with regeneration for youthfulness and longevity.   It’s hard to explain scientifically but when I saw how it affects our blood circulation, damn I am sold.

Checking my Capillary through Microscope

This was the test that I had yesterday and found out that I am stressed haha! I really don’t know what area in my life that I am negatively stressed. So, they had a hard time finding my capillaries hehe. When it was found clearly, they put an amazing cotton fiber that generates negative ions. Then I saw my blood circulation become more active which is healthier! Dr. Eric Tan told us, that most celebrities has it because of healthy lifestyle so as the elders that takes “maintenance” and vitamins.

I don’t drink any vitamins because of my ulcer pain, but I’ll ask my doctor about it so I can have a healthy capillaries which perform the vital function of feeding the organ with amino acids, proteins and oxygen that can also deliver a good skin. Hello, I have an acne problem and maybe it will help to take care of my capillaries double time. (which am glad, just a small problem hehe, that can ruin your self confidence lang naman! hay malapit na ako sumuko sa mga ito. I strongl desire to be acne-free)

So, I am really glad that Zenyu Spa Hotel H20 has an Ecoparadise products that are sold for everyone. You don’t have to check in to the hotel, just go to the Zenyu eco spa and inquire about the Ecoparadise products.

I bought this deoxidizing Ecoparadise anti-oxidant bottle that promotes the production of negative ions from infused materials in a discounted price (Php 225.00) Thank you Noria and Dr. Eric Tan. I put an alkalize water and let it stay for 12 hours in fridge. I will update you readers if there’s any changes 🙂 I hope this will help to improve my health even more.

For more details:

Zenyu Eco Spa

Dr. Eric Tan (Spa Manager, Tel: 2386190/ Mobile No.: 09178724489)



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