Zenyu Eco Spa

Rizal Park

I’ve been to Rizal Park (Luneta, MNL) twice with my husband during summer to play kite and watch sunset. Now, it’s my third time to set foot in a not so maintained grass but still a lovely park because of peaceful surroundings. I forced my friend named Amiel to join me for walking in the park and took some shots if we are lucky enough to spot a green grass. Luckily for me, I found one. I took off my shoes as fast as I can, and told him that I’ll do a jump shot. The grass was so soft and I wish all the field has it. It was 12 noon when I enjoyed my self in the heart of Manila.

Afterย  few minutes, we go straight ahead to Hotel H20. The last time that I went here was year 2010 to witness an event and enjoyed the Manila Ocean Park. This is the time that I am fortunate enough to experience the only negative ion hotel in the world that I consider as me-time. You know all, that I value personal space and that’s when I gave my self a lot of spa treatments.

Dr. Eric Tan and Noria Adam Lim, invited highly chosen bloggers including me to experience the A-list treatments that Zenyu Eco Spa.

Dr.Eric Tan

Dr. Eric Tan,ย  manager of Zenyu eco spa, is so hospitable and kind to greet me personally as soon as I arrived the hotel. I was expecting a secretary or someone but I am so honored and proud to say that he welcomed me himself. He showed me around the hotel and I was so amazed as I love staying in a hotel such as Shangri la Edsa, Makati and Sofitel Manila. Yeah, I am a hotel junkie as well.

It was hard for me to believe at first that the hotel is made of negative ion, until I saw their experiment that was conducted 2 years- present!

Raw egg, pork and cheese (2 years and counting exposed to hotel)

yeah, exposed just like that inside the hotel for customers to see. I can’t even believe that all of ’em has no bad odor. Now, I am a believer.

Hotel Lounge

Don’t you just love the 70’s inspired lounge? It is so posh, cozy and love the comfy chairs.

It has also 2 spacious 4 seats lounge with LCD monitor and mind you, the hotel is wifi ready.

Internet lounge with newspapers

An internet lounge with a relaxing view from the ocean


They also have a bar that serves good wine and this is not yet finish! isn’t it great? what more when its done? a lot of festive food will be definitely served like the hotels that I love to dine in with perfect live pianist or chamber orchestra.

After, the tour and chit chat at the lounge with new found friends… we proceeded in the heavenly treatments and there is no time limit. We are very well accommodated and wasn’t rushed.

Hotel Staff

Hotel H20 has a friendly, well trained professional staff. They took care of our things and attend to our needs as well as inquiries.

Mango Enzyme Drink

Before we start, we are given a healthy mango enzyme drink and home made yogurt.


All are stored from Ecoparadise products. I must admit, at first I was hesitant because I have an ulcer pain and I am avoiding any kind of fruits except from Banana for 3 months and counting. This was a total risk! Thank god, the next day I didn’t feel any discomfort and flushed the toxins very well. Word!

then… drum rolls…

Total body fish spa, I know right? I really don’t like fish spa for feet that is available almost everywhere. I am a germ-freak when it comes to that… paranoid that I’ll catch a disease from the water that was used by random people. But this one, made me jump in a heart beat and changed my casual get up to swimwear! The fishes came all the way from Africa and Turkey. The water is well filtered and changed everyday, plus the fact that the water comes straight from the ocean. The indoor fish spa jacuzzi is to die for. A must in Zenyu eco spa.

The temperature is so great and the ambiance outside is serene. After 15 minutes which is usually maximum time to let the fish eat dead skin haha! Honestly, my skin all over my legs is so smooth. (Full Body Fish spa Php 300.00)

This is the highlight of my experience. I am so in love with fish spa jacuzzi ๐Ÿ™‚

Then, the massage… they also offer room for couples.

Spacious, soft bed, comfy head rest (a must in my spa needs), relaxing nature sound, smell minty nice and professional masseuse. The massage rate starts from Php700.00 to Php1350.

Single Room

After an hour of relaxing shiatsu massage… It was my first time to hit “hotbed treatment”

which I love to call “pugon” for that matter. Just to say, this is the time that I’ll know if my make up from MAC and Benefit is truly water proof!

Hotbed treatment: Php400.00

Photographer: Amiel/ Bloggers L-R: Sarj, Vance, Moi, Noria and Vinz*

A truly complete healing treatments. I am a fan of steam/sauna bath because it makes my skin glowy and I can breathe properly afterwards. There’s an option if you want to turn off the lights to sleep or not ๐Ÿ™‚ the temperature can also be adjusted to what your heart desires.

My make up stayed after 20 minutes of sweating hard!!! Even the lipstick still feel smooth! (Face: MAC fix studio, The face shop BB cream/ Eyes: Benefit Brow zings in medium and MAC girl boy/ Lips: EOS lip balm, MAC girl about town) That proves a good quality!

My skin looks so radiant and feel so nice! I also took the challenge of not taking a bath after the massage to test the oil form the massage if it is sticky and doesn’t smell nice the day after. Surprisingly, the next day… I don’t feel sticky and still smells nice. My husband can attest to that because he always hugs me every morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much Dr. Eric Tan for being so generous and for the entire staff of Hotel H2O Zenyu Eco Spa.

note: Its a nice thing, if you don’t have make up during the treatments. I just wear it for photo op ๐Ÿ™‚

Zenyu Eco Spa is located at the 3rd floor of Hotel H20.


e-mail: zenyu.spa@hotelh2o.com

3 thoughts on “Zenyu Eco Spa

  1. Wow that looks AMAZING! I’ve always been intrigued by the fish spa business and I really want to try one! I don’t think it’s available anywhere in Canada… maybe I will try it when I head back to Asia!

    Love all your photos! I could use a massage right now… haha

  2. Hi Angel! thank you so much! I highly recommend it ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t forget to hit Zenyu eco spa when you are in Manila! So relaxing. Just google about Negative Ions and you’ll love more the hotel h2o hotel and zenyu eco spa.

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