What turns me on?

  • I love “hands” especially in guys. I am easily turned on just staring at my husband’s hands
  • Spa makes me feel energized and I must hit the spa once or twice a month
  • My husband, he is sporty, business minded and funny
  • Guy’s clean feet and well maintained toe nails, I am OC like that...
  •  Fine dining and one of my fave is Peking Garden Restaurant   If there’s a wild animal that I eat, its only duck. I love Asian cuisine.
  • Hotel lounge and chamber orchestra… I am simply elated.
  • Cupcakes especially the red velvet ones!
  • Flowers, my husband and friends give the best!


note: all photos were taken by me except the quote. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “What turns me on?

  1. Hi angel! even they are so cute, damn peking duck is yummy. I used to eat lamb, but when I saw one in person and feel it.. I stopped eating lamb 🙂

    and yes cupcakes, sure they are 🙂 I want to bake and learn how to do it! cheers!

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