SNOE Suntervention

Summer is here! All of you must be excited to hit the beach, the walk in the sand, the smell of grilled food, the sound of waves and the heat of the sun! so am I.

As far as I remember, the last time I hit the smooth waves smothered with sun block lotion, I went straight at the beach, floating and staring at the beautiful blue sky before the sun totally shows up… it was almost 7 a.m. and I haven’t seen the sun but the sky is so lovely. When beams hit up, I rushed to the sea shore, put a sarong and run back to our hotel room and boom! My husband told me, you’re tan.

I was in awe as I am always protective with my skin; I am one of those girls who are afraid to be toasted which is so ironic. I could have blamed the sun block with SPF 50 or the nature itself. I guess I just needed higher SPF!

Until I was invited once again by SNOE Beauty inc. that really surprised my craving for new discovery of higher SPF Sun Block.

Soon to hit the stores nationwide!


Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention is a get together with finest beauty junkies who loves, of course, beauty products. Snoe is the only local brand that I am very in love with;

L-R, Bec, Moi, Clair, DOnna, Mich and Carizza

with super hip kim yenko!

I remember the day that I met the women behind Snoe, Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz, who is very hands-on, brilliant, driven, talented, empowered, founder and CEO of Snoe Beauty Inc., I was so amazed, so star struck and undeniably inspired.

Jen Gerodias-Diaz

I also had an opportunity to meet NOE, her daughter where the brand name SNOE came from!

Noe and li'l brother 🙂

I have met a lot of CEO and worked with all my life but this one, is so humble and go getter which I love. Our meeting that time was productive and I am glad to know the products personally.

The Snoe convention was fun, the company really knows how to throw a hot party. The place was divine at the luxurious residential in Dasmarinas Village, Makati. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the professional staff together with my personal photographer, Christian Amiel Tira, with healthy smoothie and introduction with their new line. I was well entertained; the manpower of Snoe is truly amazing, not to forget their staff at the mall. I observed that very well.

Aside from dashing welcome, we are also given a chance to get Snoe paper money as our shopping moolah for the event. How brilliant the idea for a fun and I bagged Php 700.00.

There are a lot of fun and games, delicious food and entertainer: the fire dancer.

The presentation was interesting and didn’t make me yawn for a second. The host is uplifting and Ms. Jen together with her staff roams around to make sure we are all assisted well.

If summer is sooo hot, so as the main game of the event!

Though, I am not lucky to have been selected to play in games, I just feel lucky enough to splurge my Snoe money in Snoe’s well known product-  The Emutox  oil (Botox Serum + Emu+ Acai) and Emu facial wash. I will definitely know if this will work after I tried it but knowing Snoe works for me, I have 100% trust on this.

And on my way home, I have Snoe Suntervention serious sun protection SPF 80++ (yes, more than 80 but not over 90) Broad spectrum UVA/ UVA block. I am so happy, I have tried Snoe Sun Block SPF 45 as my everyday protection and it works well on me like my sun block from Belo Medical group but much cheaper. I am so excited to use this in our upcoming getaway and smother it including on my face.

The weather was even experiencing hormonal imbalance! But it didn’t ruin the party, in fact we have Snoe umbrellas with us! It was truly fun meeting new people which always interest me. It was nice to meet all of you dear beauty junkies.

Thank you Snoe Beauty Inc. for a delightful party, I can’t simply wait to do a review on EMUtox and Suntervention.


Readers, Snoe is giving away trip to boracay! Join now!  it’s now or never.


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