Face Map 101

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Hi everyone!

To all beauty junkies, one must know the parts of face! (hindi yung langauge na: sa ibabaw ng mata, ilalim ng mata, ilalim ng kilay sa dulo, tagiliran ng buhok etc)  I’ve also experienced wondering “what’s crease of the eyes?” “where is eyelids? is it inside or out”? – simple questions that we are so shy to ask in avoidance of humiliation 🙂

The shape of our face is defined by our individual bone structure. Beautiful faces come in every shape but still has the same face map on where to put make up. Understanding your own facial shape and bone structure will help you enhance your own individual beauty. It has been said that the oval face shape is the easiest to make up and the classiest. But in my opinion, I don’t believe in such. If you really know make up artistry, any shape of facial structure can be a masterpiece. There is no easy or difficult face shape.

Facial shapes are important in makeup only when applying blush: for most people it works on the apples of the cheeks, or sometimes just under the cheeks, or in the hallow of the cheeks to give a contour (for round and square face shapes)

Famous Facial Shapes:

  • Round face: Isabella Rossellini
  • Long face: Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Heart-shaped face: Reese Witherspoon
  • Square face: Demi Moore
  • Oval Face: Jessi Alba

Face Map Guide:

  1. T-zone
  2. T-zone
  3. T-zone
  4. Chin
  5. Jaw line
  6. Apple of the cheek
  7. Browbone
  8. Temples
  9. Crease of the eyes
  10. eyelids

So, next time you’ll listen to make up gurus in youtube, in personal classes and with other makeup junkies… Now you know the face map 🙂 Good luck and enjoy!

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