Makeup Dupes

Another beauty junkie term: Dupe

I am a little bit make up snob but I don’t mind trying local brands as long as it can meet the standards that I get from high end brands.

  • Makeup Dupe

It’s a cheaper identical (or very similar) version of a high end makeup product. If one is guilty to splurge for high end brands you can easily go and check drugstore makeup or our local beauty stores like HBC.

  • How do you find makeup dupes?

truthfully there’s not a cheap twin for every eyeshadow or foundation compare with lipstick. Just be patient  doing your own research and you may be able to find a dupe for a lot of your favorite high end products. For example, you can find dupes for several MAC products from drugstore brands Rimmel, NYX, E.L.F., Wet N Wild, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Covergirl. I love NYX as a dupe and glad to find one near store in Quezon City! (Trinoma Pop Culture) so no need for me to go to greenbelt or Serendra! 🙂

That’s all gorgeous! Another word for beauty junkie.





2 thoughts on “Makeup Dupes

  1. It has been passing around in beauty junkie world 🙂 I guess I will learn more beauty language and eager to share it here on my blog 🙂 For sure you will, MAC is a good start though! hee hee

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