Travelogue: Ilocos Sur

We always look forward to holy week vacation due to busy schedule of my dear husband. This is the longest days we can be so-disconnected in city life. It’s a good thing once in a while. This year my husband opted to go for a long drive, take note: during peak season, NLEX and SCTEX can be your worst nightmare. We’ve been stuck for an hour just to get ticket. My husband said that in U.S. there is no such thing like that, why can’t it be free, if not now, when? le sigh.

My husband was the one who always make our itinerary, it is very detailed all the time 🙂 from the hour we should we wake up until dinner time! he is full of surprises man. I am, on the other hand, in-charged in everything! from being a mother-packer to master chef. I lovet!

This year around, it’s different. We visited not only one church as we used to be, prayed, discovered new culture and take tons of picture. Walkathon is the main event! so to speak. In our 5 days in Ilocos Sur, we only spent three times walking beside the beach and took the plunge for 10 minutes. I guess, we are sawa na kaka-swim sa beach.

From the place we stayed in “Camp Hope” which was owned by a rich family (former Gen. Reyes ++) in ages, the place is to die for! It’s a front beach with a divine fish pond- right before your eyes! Oh my, I just fell in love and from the healthy brekky they served.

Crisologo Museum

I couldn't stand Mr. Sunshine anymore and bought me a hat for Php150.00. My first kikay hat 🙂

Calle Crisologo

Cafe Leona

Baluarte ni Chavit (Hacienda)

Not even wearing a makeup cos it will literally melt in your face! anything when you are doing a walkathon.

Narvacan Beach, sporting my no-brainer warrior yoga pose 🙂

The famous- Vigan Garlic Longanisa

Pinsal Falls, Sta. Maria

Suso Coral Beach

Old abandoned bell tower (picture not edited)

I feel that husband wants to learn rock climbing! (at Biak na Bato/ Bat Cave in Candon)

Inside a rock mini cave on the way to huge bat cave!

Emote time! a great rock formation.

We shared one bed, and I am so okatokat (scared) on the other one! hehe 🙂 I am claustrophobic, so if there's affordable bigger room, we get it.

This is where we usually have our food trip together with an old dog 🙂

How can you not fall in love with place 🙂 so peaceful, no banging sounds of party. (yeah, I am a boring person)

Ahhh, moments like this.

Sta. Maria Church (where my husband was totally amazed)

Sta. Maria Bell Tower

Husband and I really had a good time, discovering new things together, laughing and flirty glances. Priceless.

Places: Ilocos Sur, Sta. Maria, Narvacan Beach, Suso Beach, Candon and Vigan.

Travel time (Holy week): 12 Hours MNL-VIGAN

Stop over: 3 times, max 30 minutes.

Transportation: Car

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