Fabsy FOOTZY shoes on my feet

Last Thursday 4/19, I met up with the owner of Footzy Shoes Ms. Nikki Teves at SM Makati to get my first pair. You all know that I love nude colour from shoes to clothing because it really compliments my skin and classy.

Ms. Nikki Teves (fashionably preggy)

Ms. Nikki Teves was very nice  and pretty! how I wish I can be that blooming when it’s my turn to be preggy 🙂

Anyhoo, the first time I saw the Strap way to heaven sandals I know that it will be perfect on me. I always have a trouble finding the right one  because it kills my feet… yung tipong sinasakal yung paa? imagine, flats na masakit pa? kakalowka lang.

But of course, when I saw the collection… it will be a risk again because I don’t know if it is a really comfortable sandals, but I am a risk taker 🙂

Flesh and Tan (Php1000.00)

So… *drumrolls*   I sent an sms right away on the number posted in Footzy Shoes and asked if I we can meet-up instead because my feet size differs in shoe design. I am so glad that they have meet ups! Ms. Nikki Teves, brought size 7, 8 and 9! (Thank you so much!) I know that I am a little OC like that, but I am not a hoarder of shoes and clothes… That’s why when I buy… I want it to be perfect, classic, functional and good quality. Kaya- swak na swak ang meet up sa akin when I am doing online shopping 🙂

When Nikki showed me the sandals for fitting, I never took it off and use it all the way to I love koi grand launch.

co-models in relaxed feet 🙂

It was truly perfect for an afternoon casual meeting, shopping and date! I really enjoyed wearing this! No scratches, no pain and no dirt inside that some sandals gives after hours of walking! I lovet 🙂 Happy with my purchase.

Footzy Shoes

Nikki Teves






2 thoughts on “Fabsy FOOTZY shoes on my feet

  1. Hi Sofie, such nice comfy shoes! I’m trying to look for nice wedges, the not-so-heavy ones haha. Those that doesn’t get dirty when wet..:) What was that event you attended?

  2. hi mariqia, if you noticed my previous post, I did some ramp modeling for plus size swimewear 🙂

    About the wedges, I am also trying t find one 🙂 will inform you once I found one. Yung iba kasi na a-out of balance ako hehe.

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