SHINE: Abhie San Pedro

Abhie San Pedro is Qatar based employee who I met during Multiply days. She also belong to our group #mgateh, yeah.. girl’s group.  Abhie loves to spend her hard earned money traveling the world right after she invested some properties here in the Philippines. She’s also fond in cooking and has a big heart in supporting local charities for so many years.

She has visited famous countries such as one of my dreams, Paris. Oh my, the places that she visited is to die for, like- Europe trip, Greece, Asia etc. I admire her for passion in traveling.

I’ll never forget the first time I met her and called me “trabahodor ni Villar” such a funny introduction upon meeting her parents. Also, I thought I am the perkiest ever- but she proved me wrong!!! I love her. Whenever she goes here in PI, she always try to make time to see us all the way from Olongapo. The last we had get together was at Subic and here’s what I did: Invade her purse!

Coach wristlet

The kikay and girl scout that I am, I freaked out when I saw what’s in her purse! It’s so simple but hmm… lots of cash!!! Now, that’s a purse haha 🙂

  • Phone: Blackberry and Iphone, now that’s an addict using all social networks.
  • Pen
  • GIGA pain for headache
  • Bench hand sanitizer: this smells nice!

That’s all in her coach wristlet with loads of cash and by the way, this is only an introduction… because she just sent me, what’s really in her BAG! and sooo dami ng gamit. I like 🙂


Late Bloomer


I never thought of my self having an IPAD 2 or any version of it because I find it useless since I am not a gamer or needs to have presentation for work using this. The one that I was craving for was Kindle since I love reading. It’s been months since I told my husband that I am saving for the latest Kindle…

Until last week, he surprised me with IPAD 2. It was inside our walk in closet and I never noticed it until he told me to look really hard for his shirt (good excuse). I was totally surprised when I saw the white box!

I am not the kind to expect anything from someone so, yes… it’s a nice thing to surprise me 🙂

He didn’t failed to make me feel oh-so-special that day because he even treat me in a fine dining and all of these are just because gifts. I have simple joys in life and I highly appreciate every little things.

So, am I addicted to it? I thought I am sticking with ibook until…

First Instagram photo 🙂 #beautylibrary
I tried the craze of what Mr. Facebook bought for 1 Billion! INSTAGRAM.
It’s official, it’s a new social network that I am addicted to. Expect more pictures sporting places, food, beauty products, events, out of the day (OOTD) and everything in between.
follow me at: sofielicious19
I’m also addicted to Fruit Ninja by the way!

Studio Namu

One of the things that I can’t forget during my wedding last 2010 was the excitement of planning. I am keen in hiring good people to assist our big day but knowing the photo-addict that I am… I am very particular in having a great prenuptial photos that usually requires huge productions. From place, costumes, makeup artist and concept, I thoroughly prepared for it.

We opted to have photo shoot at Intramuros, Manila because we both love historical back drop. Something with touch of vintage. But it wasn’t easy to have prenuptial photos outdoor especially here. Why?

  • You really have to bring with you, your makeup artist for retouch (It’s really hot!) *another expense
  • There’s no accessible powder room to change
  • Prenuptial photo shoot doesn’t cover location fees
  • Try to calm yourself most of the time because you will really sweat big time and our photo shoot was whole day, because we want to have shots day and night

I didn’t know, I’ll experience such. Le sigh*

We are all smile, right? this was a stolen picture, but if I’ll have a chance to have this kind of photo with refined smile, I would but of course with any events… all are spontaneous so you better be photo ready. Now, if only there was a photo studio that has different scenic location during that time, we wouldn’t think twice availing it 🙂


With latest discovery, I found the finest Korean-Style One-Stop Indoor Classy Studio, that recently opened in the heart of Quezon City. They not only cover wedding photo shoot but almost every thing under the sun! The studio has 15 different rooms  with more than 50 settings, customized with hi-end modern facilities in a classy mode. They also provide costumes and offers very affordable rates and packages. yes, AFFORDABLE!

On set: Studio Namu President, David Myunghan Kim takes a photo of sweet couple.

Mr.Kim claims that photography is one of his hobby and makes him happy whenever he has time to spare.

Mr. Kim and Mr. Park the passionate owners of Studio Namu. They are very detailed and perfectionist upon checking the result and quality of photos. All photos are taken by in-house professional photographers of Studio Namu.  You can easily feel the creative juices flowing in the studio and not to forget, the entire studio is centralized air condition! No trace of sweat 🙂

 Fitting Stage

Makeup room

Here’s more peek from few of “location” set:

impeccable cafe set up

By the window with view from Greece



Sample work:

sample package:

Studio photo session – 4scenes
11 by 11, 20pages album
16 by 20 enlargement
1set of dress + tuxedo and couples costume
All selected photos stored in DVD (original copies)


Studio Namu   also offers video coverage, it will definitely cater to your taste. They make things easy and just forget the hustle and bustle finding an outdoor location— if you can opt for classy and comfortable one, experience the total satisfaction of photography for your most memorable event only here in Studio Namu.

For more information:

Studio Namu
(02)391-6506, 928-3180
4F, Sir Thomas Square Bldg., #18 Matalino St., Brgy Central, Q.C