Debut of Diana Stalder

Hi everyone!

April 28, Saturday—It was a great privilege to attend the fabulous and heartfelt celebration of the 18th Birthday of Diana Stalder who is the owner of Diana Stalder Professional Skin Care.

Diana Stalder is the First Filipino-owned company that ventured into the direct selling of skin care and beauty products and has high ethical standards that compete in the global market.

As for first hand experience,   Diana Stalder Casmara facial is one of my favorite facial treatment! The first time I tried it, I knew I’ll be hooked on it and I was right 🙂 Glad they have a near branch and no need for me to go all the way to Magallanes hehe…

Moving on, I’d like you to meet the beautiful Diana Stalder, dressed in sophistication with elegant manners…

and not to forget such a sweet lady! I was truly amazed upon meeting her because of being such an eye candy with contagious smile. I’d love to know more about this lady and her passion in skin care regimen to share for my dearest readers. I know you’re dying to know her skin care secrets as the owner of a well-known beauty brand— because, I myself was very intrigued to ask but kept my excitement as I tried enjoyed the night with star studded intimate party!

Ang hirap mag concentrate pag maraming magaganda at makikinis sa palaigid mo hee hee 🙂 I appreciate beauty everywhere! lalo na kung pagpapaganda rin naman ang pinag uusapan!

On stage— Mother and daughter momento!

I was also touched by the mother and daughter momento 🙂 and this was the time I missed my mom (+) I always get so dramatic in such scenarios. Diana and her mom has a strong relationship and I can’t help but totally adore Diana because of her being sooo “malambing” with her mom and whole family. She is so down to earth and can easily win your heart.

She is also a great singer as she sang together with Ryan Cayabyab’s singers and with her little sister. I love going to the parties with so much love flowing in the air, a love that comes from the family 🙂

With Mrs. Stalder, mother of Diana Stalder
I also met and had a great chat with Mrs. Stalder who is passionately hands on with everything. Her gracious manners and air of confidence presenting her daughter in a lovely night is such a one of a kind in every mothers out there.

Ms. H

It was also a pleasure to meet Ms. H of Diana Stalder Professional Skin Care

I had a fabulous time chatting with the relatives of Diana too, they are so maasikaso and made me feel like part of the family. A more reason to fall in love much deeper in Diana Stalder 🙂 the people behind it.

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