BB Time in Bioessence

Hi everyone! first of all many thanks for generosity of Bioessence bloggers day because we were pampered like sky is the limit!

The gracious Bioessence staff in West Avenue branch

You all know, I can stay and have more spa services for the whole day, over night or more… (whew, dreaming of The Farm at San Benito*) I am just obsess with it and much more to beauty products, I am a spa addict.


May 8 ā€” As I finished my wifey duties such as preparing meals, laundry, a little paper work and read time (I am currently reading: Fifty Shade of Grey) I went to have my BB time in Bioessence skin* slimming* spa*. Not Black Berry time, Beauty Break!

Beauty Break is a great time to relax and be pampered like a queen but quickie šŸ™‚ for example, if you are busy at work you can have Beauty Break Facial which aims to encourage everyone to take time in maintaining clear, clean and healthy skin.

Consultation office

First I had my skin consultation to asses what kind of facial service that I should have, but since Bioessence have many bloggers that day… they have given us all the same facial service which is good for every skin type. Thank god, no bruise, no irritation and pimples appeared on my skin! It was an ouch less procedure too šŸ™‚

For Php 350.00 you can enjoy a 30 minute complete facial care which included preliminary massage, cleansing, scrubbing and toning, steaming, extraction, Vitamin C application and Facial back massage!

Girls Area

Bioessence have separate rooms for boys and gals but if you want to be with your partner or friend, they have an executive room!

which is to die for!!! (Php 1,800 inclusive of back massage)

It has own bathroom and….

Huge bath tub Jacuzzi

which I can enjoy my e-book with me or nay? it might explode. So, rather with my husband šŸ™‚

After my facial break for 30 minutes, I proceed to my very first Hand Paraffin Wax!

testing the temperature of wax

I am not really scared because when I devoted my self to beauty world, I know that pain will be included somehow but this was bearable. Well, anything is bearable when it comes to beauty!

hiding my face with no make up šŸ™‚

Then I had my back massage and foot reflex. At first, I thought their massage bed has no hole on it, so I was bit uncomfortable how in the world I’ll place my head due to new piercing I have in my right ear. I asked the masseuse if they have it and glad underneath the soft pillow it has! le sigh* then I fell asleep as she proceed to the best foot reflexology I had.

Ms. Cha Sampan (Assistant Training Officer)

Moving on, aside from heavenly treatment all afternoon, we also had a beauty talk which I am so eager to hear as a beauty junkie. Ms. Cha discussed about how our skin works and tricks of trade on how to maintain a good skin. Here are some best points

  • Drink 2 liters of water within 15 hours (8 is not enough, it’s American standard since they have a cold weather and ours is tropical)
  • Exercise (2-3x a week) it helps our body to have more oxygen since we only have 23% most of the time. It helps to unclogged fats stuck somewhere in our body šŸ™‚
  • Have an 8-hour sleep as much as possible
  • Don’t stress too much, manage and control it.
  • Love yourself, give time to de-stress, rejuvenate, and basically refresh your selves from life’s daily routine.

It was truly informative and I don’t have to take note as they are surely stuck on my mind šŸ™‚

I also had a great time sharing my passion in beauty with my new found friends!

L-R Ms. Cha, Ness, Moi, Lourdes and Vance

Some of ’em I have already met in beauty events, like Lourdes, Vance and Carizza. So, we have a lot more beauty chikas- ever! I can really talk 24/7 anything about beauty and empowerment! Lovet.


Also, Bioessence gave us a wonderful loot bag that has a beautiful not nakakahilong shades! very celebrity lang ang peg!, a Chamras Saewataporn CD (Oh my I’ve been listening to this, I feel like my home is a huge spa!) 2 soaps, privilege pass and stainless water bottle. Feels like Christmas šŸ™‚

note: As much as I enjoyed this wonderful day, I tested their other branch and brought my brother with me to have some spa services. I know, it’s been… what? a day? but I love pampering talaga. I want to know if their staff and the way they treat their customers were the same as I had in bloggers day. With all my heart, Bioessence Visayas avenue also treats their customers like royalty. I am glad to know that they will not make you feel awkward whether you’ll just take a simple spa service or not. They are also not pushy in availing products and other services that sometimes eager to pester you.

I had a facial express for face contouring as I call it and my brother had a full facial service and cauterize. I slept an hour waiting for him and glad that Bioessence let me sleep like a baby šŸ™‚ don’t worry I didn’t slept in lounge area! I slept in one of their cozy rooms, glad my brothers is in twin beds haha!

Will I come back? Yes.


Photos by: Amiel Christian Tira.


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