Late Bloomer


I never thought of my self having an IPAD 2 or any version of it because I find it useless since I am not a gamer or needs to have presentation for work using this. The one that I was craving for was Kindle since I love reading. It’s been months since I told my husband that I am saving for the latest Kindle…

Until last week, he surprised me with IPAD 2. It was inside our walk in closet and I never noticed it until he told me to look really hard for his shirt (good excuse). I was totally surprised when I saw the white box!

I am not the kind to expect anything from someone so, yes… it’s a nice thing to surprise me 🙂

He didn’t failed to make me feel oh-so-special that day because he even treat me in a fine dining and all of these are just because gifts. I have simple joys in life and I highly appreciate every little things.

So, am I addicted to it? I thought I am sticking with ibook until…

First Instagram photo 🙂 #beautylibrary
I tried the craze of what Mr. Facebook bought for 1 Billion! INSTAGRAM.
It’s official, it’s a new social network that I am addicted to. Expect more pictures sporting places, food, beauty products, events, out of the day (OOTD) and everything in between.
follow me at: sofielicious19
I’m also addicted to Fruit Ninja by the way!

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