SHINE: Abhie San Pedro

Abhie San Pedro is Qatar based employee who I met during Multiply days. She also belong to our group #mgateh, yeah.. girl’s group.  Abhie loves to spend her hard earned money traveling the world right after she invested some properties here in the Philippines. She’s also fond in cooking and has a big heart in supporting local charities for so many years.

She has visited famous countries such as one of my dreams, Paris. Oh my, the places that she visited is to die for, like- Europe trip, Greece, Asia etc. I admire her for passion in traveling.

I’ll never forget the first time I met her and called me “trabahodor ni Villar” such a funny introduction upon meeting her parents. Also, I thought I am the perkiest ever- but she proved me wrong!!! I love her. Whenever she goes here in PI, she always try to make time to see us all the way from Olongapo. The last we had get together was at Subic and here’s what I did: Invade her purse!

Coach wristlet

The kikay and girl scout that I am, I freaked out when I saw what’s in her purse! It’s so simple but hmm… lots of cash!!! Now, that’s a purse haha 🙂

  • Phone: Blackberry and Iphone, now that’s an addict using all social networks.
  • Pen
  • GIGA pain for headache
  • Bench hand sanitizer: this smells nice!

That’s all in her coach wristlet with loads of cash and by the way, this is only an introduction… because she just sent me, what’s really in her BAG! and sooo dami ng gamit. I like 🙂


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