Dry Shampoo: No Drought!

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo ( Php 575.00 )

Scalp type: Oily and Sweaty

Hair Strands: Thin and Shiny

Hair Color: Black

I’ve been searching high and low for the best available dry shampoo in the Philippines and thank god, I found one in LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics!

I just attended a grand opening of two luxurious brand (Shu Uemura and Kiehl’s Trinoma) when I entered Lush cosmetics which is just beside the two great stores! I asked for big shampoo and unfortunately they don’t have an available sample and before buying at LUSH, I always ask for samples since it’s too pricey.

Then I asked for another great hair product that adds volume and dishes out the oiliness, in short… Dry Shampoo! The SA introduced me to No Drought and upon trying it, I fell in love with it. It was the last bottle during that time  🙂

“Whether you’re with friends at a festival or stuck comb alone- for a quick freshness boost, no wash; just go!”- No Drought

I must confess, to make my hair thicken and avoid being so flat…I use baby powder! I read all about it and claims to be safe. So far, I was content with it. No build up or attack of dandruff! So, that’s one my tricks when I am attending a party or an event that needs for luxurious hair appearance haha 🙂


  • light weight
  • fresh scent (very lush store ang amoy)
  • long lasting (6-8 hours depends on location)
  • Adds volume
  • Say goodbye to oiliness and sweaty scalp!


  • Expensive (I used to buy dry shampoo back in the days and it only sell Php 100.00 but not lush..kaso nawaley na sila)
  • Messy upon application because it doesn’t come in spray bottle
  • Builds up with excessive amount of application
  • Some says it smells like medicine, worst… smells like Fissan powder.
  • It doesn’t come handy so you have to leave it in house unless you want to carry the bottle.

How to apply (similar to spray bottle)

keynote: This is not a good substitute for liquid shampoo. Only good for styling and avoidance of oily & sweaty scalp. Maligo pa rin kayo!


Most celebrities, local or foreign always use dry shampoo for a quick fix of voluminous hair and freshness. You can read this article about local celebrities who loves dry shampoo: KC Concepcion and G Toengi.

At bilang isang mortal na tao lamang ako, hinanap ko kung san nila binili ang mga hair weapons nila and unfortunately walang available dito sa Pinas 😦 I really searched for dry shampoo through online and malling. Som it’s a good thing I found this for a good start.

I really want to buy and try  Sexy Hair  and I will not stop searching for it. Ang hirap naman kasi ng manipis ang hair haha! Ayoko naman matuluyan makalbo kaka treatment for hair. Isang beses nga lang ako sa isang taon magpa- haircut and rarely do deep conditioning dahil takot ako mag mukhang may tipos haha 🙂

That’s all!


If you know a dry shampoo that is available in our country (Philippines) Message me or e-mail me (sofiemorabe@yahoo.com)


Human Nature Makeup

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I made a makeup review due to my busy schedule as I belong to working class and have to attend wifey duties  🙂 and of course makeup ban.

Now that I am at the time of the year in buying new makeup, I am trying the local ones. I am a bit makeup snob and anti-fake! (Please, not the makeup) Once, I found the local products that compliments my skin, then I’ll try the high ends that is totally worth it.

If you’ll ask me why I opt for high end makeup brands? because they usually deliver. Highly pigmented, good texture, good smell, nice packaging and long lasting. Mostly doesn’t need to applied with damp makeup brush which local makeup normally instruct! yay.

Without further ado here’s the review:

Mineral Lip Gloss in Island Berry
Human Nature claims to be a natural & organic, Philippine-grown and chemical-free products. They are very famous local product that gracing our country right now.
As for my first set, I bought several items and that includes this lip gloss. I am not a lip gloss person but nowadays, I appreciate it but not for everyday use. Island berry compliments my skin color (yellow undertone) and it doesn’t make my teeth look yellowish (Be warned with lippie colors, one should not give you that aura!).
  • Goes well with or without lipstick
  • Doesn’t draw white line inside my lips
  • Not too glossy that will make you look like you just ate lechon
  • Good for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • No parabens, silicons, FD&C lake dyes, glycols, mineral oil or other toxic substance (sabeh!)


  • I have to re- apply after 4 hours

Goes with bendable lip sponge? lip sponge daw haha!

Mineral Blush in Tropical Rose

This is the best local blush  to date! (yipeee) In fact, I am planning to collect all of ’em. This one is the darkest and also good for sculpting (based on my skin color: yellow undertone)


  • Compliments my yellow undertone skin
  • last for 6-8 hours without re-applying
  • No harmful chemicals (sabeh)
  • Highly pigmented for local brand
  • Goes well with powder foundation (using MAC & in2it)
  • Affordable


  • I am not quiet sure if how soon will this break into parts? you know? pag madalas gamitin mabilis mag crack lalo na pag paubos na. My high end brands of blush like Benefit and Nars ay super tipid! hangang sa gilid gilid intact pa din 🙂

Mineral eyeshadow in Sweet Innocence

Human Nature Mineral Eyeshadow failed me 😦 I am sorry to tell. Maybe it’s because of my skin type.


  • The packaging has a suggested diagram on how to apply it
  • Good for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • No harmful chemicals (sabeh!)


note: I have oily acidic eyelids

  • Needs to apply with damp eye shadow applicator
  • Not highly pigmented so, you need generous amount
  • It fades after 2 hours
  • Doesn’t blend well


I bought all of this with a legit reseller at my work that has a discounted price! (winner)

Lip gloss: Php 175.00 (retails at 200+)

Blush: Php 175.00 (retails at 200+)

Mineral eyeshadow: Php 225.00 (retails at 200+)

I am not sure if this is a regular price through resellers or it changes every month, but still it’s affordable considering the packaging and quality. The nearest Human Nature store in my place is at Trinoma (Beauty Bar) yehey!

If I am going to buy some Human Nature makeup products again, it will be the Blush! I am going to try their lipstick perhaps in a week or two! Stay tuned 🙂

For more details:

Official Website: http://www.humanheartnature.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Human-Nature/130958740309



LUSH: It’s Raining Men!

I am addicted in using body wash since high school 🙂 I rarely use soap and only when    needed.

Lush products is close to my heart. Although they have remarkable smell in the mall, you’ll know for sure that you are close to LUSH store. LUSH claims to be fresh handmade cosmetics and I’m glad that my skin love their products especially the lip scrub and shower gel such as It’s raining men.


  • Honey/ Vanilla smell
  • Has powder texture after bath
  • Keeps your skin smooth and hydrated
  • Just 2-3 drops using synthetic loofah is good for one round!
  • Adds volume in hair (minus the conditioner)


  • Expensive


I love it and it’s worth the money 🙂 My husband loves it and I get extra hug from me and compliments from friends! enough said.

280g (Php 625.00)

110g (Php 325.00) good for a month!

Similar smell in soap: LUSH Honey I washed the kids

I Go Beyond Yoga

I am practicing yoga for years and trying to be a good student which I am awfully not because I easily give up due to my arms or legs are shaking na haha! but practice makes perfect and I’ll never give up! I am  glad I have known yoga and master a few. It helped me to practice proper posture, breathing and discipline! it’s not easy but I know I’ll get there.

Now that I go beyond yoga has been trending nowadays, I am glad to get an invite 🙂 Thank you!

I Go Beyond Yoga is the only  yoga studio in the Philippines licensed to teach AntiGravity Yoga. This will help you  find a sense of serenity and balance in due time. Practicing yoga is not that easy but once you get the grip of it and proper breathing, you’ll get addicted to it.

Ms. Cristalle B. Henares is one of the students of AGY

It might be easy on the eyes but as Cristalle said, it helped her to be strong and stay in shape that will really give you a big time sweat. No wonder she’s so sexy aside from sexy solutions and that deserves another post because it’s also part of my new adventure! I know right? Thanks to Ms. Cristalle Henares 🙂

Moving on, all the yoga teachers in I go beyond are amazing and AGY is not only known here in our country but all over the world especially in London.

Stay tune for my adventures in AGY and you can also join me as I practice my new yoga advocacy! stay healthy everyone 🙂

For more details:

I Go Beyond Yoga

  • 3F Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Ave. corner Scout Madrinian Street, Quezon City, Philippines 1103
Phone +63917-5BEYOND (239663)
Email inquire@igobeyondyoga.com
Website http://www.igobeyondyoga.com

Shu Uemura 24k Gold Eyelash Curler

When Shu Uemura announced that their limited edition 24k gold eyelash curler will be released in merry month of June… I immediately placed my reservation.

I braved the weather today (Saturday) and get it at Edsa Shangri la. The line was crazy and it was selling like pancakes from make up addicts. I really have an obsession getting the best make up tools around. I am happy to have this cult favorite 🙂 Now, the only missing in my eyelash curler collection is the one from Chanel!