LUSH: It’s Raining Men!

I am addicted in using body wash since high school 🙂 I rarely use soap and only when    needed.

Lush products is close to my heart. Although they have remarkable smell in the mall, you’ll know for sure that you are close to LUSH store. LUSH claims to be fresh handmade cosmetics and I’m glad that my skin love their products especially the lip scrub and shower gel such as It’s raining men.


  • Honey/ Vanilla smell
  • Has powder texture after bath
  • Keeps your skin smooth and hydrated
  • Just 2-3 drops using synthetic loofah is good for one round!
  • Adds volume in hair (minus the conditioner)


  • Expensive


I love it and it’s worth the money 🙂 My husband loves it and I get extra hug from me and compliments from friends! enough said.

280g (Php 625.00)

110g (Php 325.00) good for a month!

Similar smell in soap: LUSH Honey I washed the kids

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