Dry Shampoo: No Drought!

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo ( Php 575.00 )

Scalp type: Oily and Sweaty

Hair Strands: Thin and Shiny

Hair Color: Black

I’ve been searching high and low for the best available dry shampoo in the Philippines and thank god, I found one in LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics!

I just attended a grand opening of two luxurious brand (Shu Uemura and Kiehl’s Trinoma) when I entered Lush cosmetics which is just beside the two great stores! I asked for big shampoo and unfortunately they don’t have an available sample and before buying at LUSH, I always ask for samples since it’s too pricey.

Then I asked for another great hair product that adds volume and dishes out the oiliness, in short… Dry Shampoo! The SA introduced me to No Drought and upon trying it, I fell in love with it. It was the last bottle during that time  🙂

“Whether you’re with friends at a festival or stuck comb alone- for a quick freshness boost, no wash; just go!”- No Drought

I must confess, to make my hair thicken and avoid being so flat…I use baby powder! I read all about it and claims to be safe. So far, I was content with it. No build up or attack of dandruff! So, that’s one my tricks when I am attending a party or an event that needs for luxurious hair appearance haha 🙂


  • light weight
  • fresh scent (very lush store ang amoy)
  • long lasting (6-8 hours depends on location)
  • Adds volume
  • Say goodbye to oiliness and sweaty scalp!


  • Expensive (I used to buy dry shampoo back in the days and it only sell Php 100.00 but not lush..kaso nawaley na sila)
  • Messy upon application because it doesn’t come in spray bottle
  • Builds up with excessive amount of application
  • Some says it smells like medicine, worst… smells like Fissan powder.
  • It doesn’t come handy so you have to leave it in house unless you want to carry the bottle.

How to apply (similar to spray bottle)

keynote: This is not a good substitute for liquid shampoo. Only good for styling and avoidance of oily & sweaty scalp. Maligo pa rin kayo!


Most celebrities, local or foreign always use dry shampoo for a quick fix of voluminous hair and freshness. You can read this article about local celebrities who loves dry shampoo: KC Concepcion and G Toengi.

At bilang isang mortal na tao lamang ako, hinanap ko kung san nila binili ang mga hair weapons nila and unfortunately walang available dito sa Pinas 😦 I really searched for dry shampoo through online and malling. Som it’s a good thing I found this for a good start.

I really want to buy and try  Sexy Hair  and I will not stop searching for it. Ang hirap naman kasi ng manipis ang hair haha! Ayoko naman matuluyan makalbo kaka treatment for hair. Isang beses nga lang ako sa isang taon magpa- haircut and rarely do deep conditioning dahil takot ako mag mukhang may tipos haha 🙂

That’s all!


If you know a dry shampoo that is available in our country (Philippines) Message me or e-mail me (sofiemorabe@yahoo.com)

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