Colour Collection Lipstick

If there’s one vice that I can’t get enough… it’s my addiction in buying makeup and try it.

It really makes me happy upon seeing my vanity desk, kits and bag full of it! High or low end ones.

Last week, I bought few stuff from Tupperware brands “Colour Collection” and opted to try their best seller bullets. I know I have only one lips! but I’m sure there’s no one in this world who owns one lipstick for a year!

without further adieu, here’s my review for my dose of lippie!

Colour Collection Confidence boost Lipstick by Bianca S. Valerio in Kisses with Cream

This is my favorite upon trying these three tubes!

(no filter/ natural light/ 2 swipes/ directly applied with no lip brush)


  • Cream texture but not glossy
  • Good for yellow undertone skin
  • Good for everyday use
  • Affordable


  • 2 swipes is not enough (or is it just me?)
  • Cheap packaging (I love classy/ cute packaging)
  • Doesn’t last longer (2-3 hours only)

Colour Collection Vitamin E Matte Lipstick in Vintage

This is similar texture/colour with Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Off Beat. (See, I am not that makeup snob* 🙂 )


  • Doesn’t dry lips
  • Dupe for MAC Pink Nouveau
  • Suits well in yellow undertone skin
  • Affordable


  • 2 Swipes is not enough
  • Cheap packaging
  • Doesn’t stay longer (2-3 hours only)


Colour Collection Celebrity Secrets in Miami Sunrise

This is my very first time to try orange shade and I don’t like it. It doesn’t compliment my skin and I think it is best suited in Morenas. I just bought this one because it looks good on brochure and Bea Alonzo, one of my favorite celebrities endorses it. Oh lala, yes I believe in some sort of advertisement haha! It’s not matte and glittery but not creamy. Still, I don’t like the cheap package and 2 swipes is not enough to pop the color!

Overall, I observed that Colour Collection by Bianca S. Valerio and Matte Lipstick are the good ones and best buy. Highly recommended! I bought this through a tupperware dealer, I have no idea if they have a store. I just spent 600+ including powder foundation refill 🙂 such a steal huh!


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