Unboxing: Tory Burch in Distressed Leather Reva

I had my first pair of Tory Burch way back 2010 because it was one of the cult shoes of working ladies in Makati when I was still gracing the area. We are all like robots wearing same shoes with long champ bags and that was the simple image of corporate slaves. Shoes and Bags that will make you feel less guilty when broken and you can never go wrong with these just like wearing a Chanel bag and braving all your everyday work load.

As my first pair said goodbye after 2 years of service, I let it go. Usually Tory Burch flats can only last for 6 months with heavy use. The leather will start to crumple and sophisticated battle scars will show off little by little. But one thing I love Reva is that the sole is not too flattened compare to other flats I have tried. The sole was still compact and just  less faded embossed Tory Burch logo  but the appearance looks like a mess and not presentable anymore.

In my style, It’s very important for me to have classic clean shoes, nice bag and crisp looking clothes regardless of the brand.

Without further adieu here’s my  unboxing version of Tory Burch in Distressed Leather Reva.

Anyway, I hope you can use this as a reference when buying a pair of it to know the difference of fake and not. Nowadays there are a lot of Tory Burch sold online and at Greenhills shopping center, be careful in buying it 🙂 spending 4k or 5k just to make tipid and then knowing in the end it’s fake is useless. Still a lot of money burnt.

I bought this at Tory Burch Greenbelt, Makati. They have stuff on sale but too bad this one is not included. The Patent Eddie ballet flat is only 5k something++ such a steal huh? but I like the logo in metal, so that’s why I didn’t opt to buy the ones on sale. (Sale runs until July 31, 2012)

Tip: Tory Burch SA recommends buying half size bigger to avoid pain but I still chose to buy the one that fits me well. All I have to do is just break them in like I used to. After 2 weeks of usage (plus enduring the pain and preparing my medicine to fight blisters) everything will be alright. All you need is to break in!

Php 10, 625.00

I love classic Reva in Brown and Gold. It compliments my skin tone and it gives an illusion of longer legs. I always opt for shoes that makes my legs sexier and so as my feet. There are some shoes that can make your feet like a flat fish or bloated 🙂

(with photo filter in bloom)

That’s all 🙂 Enjoy your adventure when wearing Tory Burch.


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