During War: How I am surviving total break out

This is the first time I’ll post naked skin on my blog because I also want to help others who experienced major break out in their life!

Few months ago, it seems the world hated me and doesn’t want me to come out from our home. Cystic acne started to grow uncontrollably in my jaw line, chin and nose. At first I ignored it and just had my regular facial and acne injection. It is the  most painful process to get rid of cystic acne but fastest and stops the bacteria from growing and occupy my entire face.

The first time I had cystic acne that I have to go to Manila Doctors with my dad was when I am 14 years old. That one freaking cystic acne invaded whole right side of my face! The Doctor drained and injected it and gave me oral and topical prescription. That is how dramatic my skin is!

Photo: 1 month ago

wearing orange top: (x3 of TCA, 2nd month of war) I have makeup na there ha!!! kamusta naman yan. No, eyebag concealer nga lang. Juice ko, bumpy bumpy talaga.

wearing blue top: 3rd month of battle: Day 4 of Obagi Blue peel

black & white top: 2nd week of Obagi Bluee Peel

Camera used: IPAD/no filter

Treatment: (Obagi Blue Peel after trying 4x of TCA 20% peel without changes) Blue Obagi Peel is available in Belo Medical and House of Obagi.

Breakout Month: started April 2012- present

Every week was a terrible skin war for me, 10+ of cystic acne shows up without mercy. I had sleepless nights and glad my husband was there to support me. Now, dear readers… I am a makeup junkie but I am x2 addicted in protecting my skin. I always believe that good makeup starts with a good canvas (face) Plus I only use makeup whenever I go to work (basic: concealer, powder, brow makeup and lipstick) and when I am hanging out with friends and having a date, I just double the coverage which is 4 to 5 times a month only.

I also make sure I erased all my makeup using makeup remover and wash it thoroughly. I was also advised to stop using makeup which I religiously obeyed for 2 months. STILL! the acne and pimples shoots like a falling star into my face! It is so horrible and my self-confidence almost died. Going to work like a burn victim or simply looks like an enormous group of bees just attacked me is so much to take but I am mature and responsible person, I need to go to work. But seriously, this seemingly superficial issue of acne can affect an insecure teenager and yes, Adults.


After observing my skin without using makeup and any skin care products, I consulted a Dermatologist and Ob Gyne. I started to have facial treatments (facial cleaning, facial surgery, TCA application from 10% to 20%) changed all topical creams and drink some oral medicine to fight pimples.

But wait there’s more! it didn’t stop there! they are still popping like pop corn for another two months and I talked to my Dermatologist what to do and she advised me to see an Ob Gyne. (But hey, this is a simultaneous treatment with 2 doctors)

Recently I am experiencing irregular menstruation and I found out during my Ob Gyne visit that I gained another 10 pounds since last year. Now, what’s the culprit? My unhealthy lifestyle and worst: PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in 12-30 counts in each ovary. I was terribly shocked and cried a bucket of tears. My first question: Baog na po ba ako?!

The Doctor said, no. I have a healthy surrounding (whatever medical term fits) but because of too much weight gain these little monsters appeared. From our last trans v (yes, I always make sure to visit my Ob Gyne every now and then in a year) I was free from PCOS and my weight is healthy.

My hormones are all fucked up so to speak. My Doctor prescribed Hormonal Contraceptive, vitamins, diet plan and she really insisted major lifestyle change which also includes exercise. There are a lot of food that I can’t eat anymore. Plus, thank God, I gave up drinking coke last year.

I am taking Chelated Zinc 50 mg, Evening Primrose 500 mg, Folic Acid and Gynera Hormonal Contraceptive (for 6 months only). I am planning to have baby 2 years from now that’s why I am very serious taking good care of my health. I am taking folic acid, zinc and evening primrose continuously.

Food list that I am not allowed:

  • Caffeinated drinks
  • White Rice
  • Sweets or too much sugar products ( I don’t eat cake and ice cream anymore)
  • Processed food
  • Citrus fruits (to avoid stomach ache causes by PCOS and hello, ulcer pain)
  • Dairy Products

I really have to stay away from caffeine and sweets. Two are major culprits in messing up my hormones.

I am currently using facial mask 2 weeks in a row and it really helps for fast recovery of acne scars and makes my face look refreshed.

  • Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser
  • Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (make-up remover)
  • Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser
  • Kiehl’s Acai Damage Protecting Toning Mist (I am using this when am outside and sweating hard)
  • Medicated Astringent (not in photo)
  • BPO cream 5% (not in photo) wonder cream that can make your pimple disappear within a day. (matagal na ang 2 days!


I am praying, crying and talking to my friends, consulting best doctors to understand this PCOS  and I feel so relieved that it has a solution and glad the major one is weight loss and switch to healthier lifestyle. No need for major operations and all. Praise God! Because my husband and I are eager to have our baby making once I reach 29 years of age.

Now, back to acne war… it’s not the makeup I am using or any skin care product. The problem was inside my body. After using 2 rounds of hormonal contraceptive, a month of oral vitamins and strict diet with exercise (swimming) acne attack was totally reduced. In a week I only have 1 or 2 acne. I hope my skin stops breaking out and all the little monsters disappear.

I will visit my Ob Gyne again two weeks from now as I will shift my exercise routine and from there, we will monitor the PCOS count until it gives up staying in my body :). I’ll update you girls 🙂

This is now my face taken in instagram with filter but still the scars are visible but no trace of acne. The Obagi Blue Peel helped my skin for fast healing of scars but be warned the downtime is 2 weeks, as seen on my first photo posted above and don’t ever peel of the skin like I did~ tee hee. I am using topical cream (Hydrocortisone 1%) to avoid too much burn and smothering sunscreen is a must, even facing gadgets!

My acne battle is now in 50%  I still continue acne surgery every 2 weeks and will proceed to TCA peeling after 2-3 months after Blue Obagi Peel. I will have lower dosage of TCA since Blue Obagi Peel is so freaking strong!


My posted medications may or may not work for you, so be warned. Overall, I recommend you to consult a  Doctor first!!!  The whole process is expensive but having a peace of mind to healthier me~ gives me more life which is priceless.

Leave it to the experts 🙂


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