My current shower buddies!

I love taking a bath every morning using LUSH It’s raining men! The honey rich shower gel  with exotic flowers, sensual honey makes me squeeze more and enjoy my bath time. It has a hint of vanilla that makes it sweeter and smells refreshing before braving the world outside to work. It makes my skin feels smooth and moisturized.

In evening, I opt to use my current obsession with charcoal products. I love Sumi Charcoal Body Soap that makes my skin softer and clean. If you are wondering if it will stain, well it doesn’t 🙂 It is one of Japanese and Korean women cult favorite to detoxify and brighten skin. The smell is pretty decent and doesn’t smell weird once dried up.

I followed this with Avon Naturals’ lightening papaya & soy milk hand and body lotion. I love to smother this new found lotion that I learned from my office mate. The smell is refreshing and it is not sticky. It is also good for  daytime use! Would you believe this is my 2nd bottle in a month? I know haha! I just love body lotion.

Whenever I feel my skin is very dry, I go back to my trusted lotion: Aveeno Moisturing Lotion.

I use Asian Secrets Lulur body scrub 2-3 a week to eliminate dead skin and visit a spa once a month if I am so tamad to scrub my whole body and have my regular dose of sea salt body scrub.

That’s all 🙂


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